What To Consider In Professional Blow Dryers

A professional hair dryer is top of the list for any woman, when purchasing products for her beauty kit. With such a competitive market, buying a hairdryer can be a daunting task, therefore it is important to do your research and make sure you choose a hairdryer that meets your every need.

Professional hair dryers should meet very specific needs. You should be able to see what kind of hair style that the hair dryer would give you. For example, will the hair dryer make your hair look healthy, powerful, eliminate frizz? An important thing for you take into account is that hair dryers do not last forever and  they have a tendency to burn out, so you need to find a hair dryer that is designed to cool down and last for the longest amount of time.

Another issue is the price. Does the price match the product you are getting? It’s all well and good getting a hair dryer cheaply, but will it last a long time and will it give you the look you desire? Therefore I would recommend spending that little bit extra for a more professional hair dryer that won’t burn out and will give your look that extra sparkle.

Tips for Using A Professional Hair Dryer

It is essential when using your hair dryer, that the outcome is perfect on the first try. You probably know what it is like to spend hours drying your hair, trying to get the perfect style, only for it to look frizzy and lifeless. As a result it is a good idea to use hair relaxing gel to compliment the blow dry and protect your hair from burning.

Also, as every woman knows, the key to a good outfit is accessories, accessories, accessories. This is no different for a good hair dryer. Make sure the hair dryer comes with different nozzles for different styles and purchase a good clamp and round brush to aide in the process of drying.

Top 3 Hair Dryers

When searching for the best professional hair dryer, there were three hair dryers that seem to stand out from the others and meet the requirements that are essential:

BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Bab 2000 Dryer

This hairdryer stood out for a number of reasons. First of all, it has very good features that aide the styling process. It has a cooling feature, which prevents overheating, it heats up very fast with different settings and you can purchase different heads for various types of hair styles. This hair dryer is also very well designed to ensure a comfortable grip during use. This Hair dryer can be purchased for around $30 online, making it very good value for money.


Elchin Dryer EL001

This dryer is a very good addition to anyone’s beauty kit. It’s a high end dryer, costing around $80 online, but it is worth the extra expense for more settings and a long life product. It is designed with a very quiet motor, which is essential due to the amount of time the dryer will spend in the vicinity of your ear. The motor also has a mechanism which prevents overheating. This dryer comes with different settings so you can use it for different hair styles.

Andis 1875 Ceramic Iconic Dryer

andis-hair-dryer-best-hair-dryer-reviewsThis hair dryer is considered to be the whole package, in terms of features and accessories that are included with the dryer. It has a very good price of around $30 online and you get different dryer heads included. It has different settings for heat and speed and can heat up very quickly to maximum temperature. It has a very quiet engine and is designed to reduce drying time.

The Last Word…

A professional hair dryer can be a very daunting product to purchase, but with the right guidelines you can buy the perfect one that will last you a very long time. Hair dryers need to be looked after and stored correctly to enable their life span to be increased. If you read this article and pay attention to the tips and guidelines you could find yourself in possession of the perfect professional hair dryer.


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