What Is The Best Hair Dryer?

By Marisa Garcia

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What Is The Best Hair Dryer?

What is the best hair dryer? This is a questions that every one of use once asked. Whether you are a fan of blow-drying or fast hairstyling, a hair dryer should no longer be chosen randomly, but depending on a number of decisive factors: frequency of use (on a daily or occasional basis), your hair type (straight, wavy, Curly), and your habits. Below is the answer to what is the best hair dryer.

 A powerful hair dryer

A good hair dryer allows you to opt for different speed and heat settings. Accordingly, for busy mornings (or for those ladies with thick and frizzy hair) a turbo hair dryer will dry your hair in no time thanks to its powerful air flow. It is above all necessary to adapt your hair dryer’s speed to your hair type, and beware of high temperature as exaggerated heat has proven to have damaging results.  For instance, if you have wavy hair, it is best to lower the hair dryer’s speed in order not to damage your curls.

A professional hair dryer

To make sure you possess a durable hair dryer go for a hair dryer featuring a professional AC Motor. It’s a real quality label that guarantees you a five time longer life than a conventional hair dryer. AC motor hair dryers are essential hair tools if you use your hair dryer on a daily basis (or almost) and indispensable for long thick hair that normally requires longer drying time.

A travel hair dryer

 Are you going on vacation soon? And do you absolutely need a featherweight hair dryer that does not take up too much space when stored in your luggage? In such a case, a travel hair dryer is your perfect choice as it is easy to carry thanks to its foldable handle. Its storage bag will easily slip into your suitcase! And finally, if you plan to travel abroad, bear in mind that the new hair dryer models feature dual-voltage. This allows you to use your hair dryer wherever you happen to go. Travel hair dryers can not only be used during your travels, but can also prove efficient for daily uses: in gyms as in swimming pools.

The ionic technology to put an end to frizzies

There is nothing more frustrating than having static hair that sticks to your face or stands on end! Good News!! Many hair dryers today are designed with the revolutionary ionic technology that generates negatively charged ions to put an end to static and frizz by capturing the humidity during the drying.  The result? Absolutely smooth, breakage-resistant hair that’s noticeably more radiant and resilient with every use.

Ceramic coating, for a homogeneous result

In fact hair straighteners are more famous for ceramic technology. However, ceramic technology is more and more used in hair dryers since this material ensures a homogeneous and continuous flow of heat. Say goodbye to that dried out hair!!

The cool shot function, for long-lasting hairstyles

This is an advantageous and practical option! Once your hair is completely dry, the cool shot button option locks your hairstyle longer into place and prevents volume from fading. A further benefit of the cold air option is that it prevents the misuse of heat as it damages color-treated hair especially if it is dry.

Various hair dryer attachments to alter your hairstyles

To quickly dry your hair after stepping out of the shower, the classical attachment of your blow dryer is enough. If you’re a hairstyling fan, choose a hair dryer with a concentrator attachment. The latter allows you to concentrate the air flow over your hair and add volume to the desired areas. This way you get smooth hair and impeccably elegant hairstyles.

Have you got curly hair? There’s no question of damaging your attractive curls! Opt for a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment that ensures fast drying of your hair while retaining its natural form and look. It is important to note that professional models featuring AC Motors are equipped with ultra-thin and even much more effective concentrator attachments. It is perfectly appropriate for curly and frizzy hair as it softens the air flow and reduces frizzes without damaging your locks.

Last but not least, consider buying a quiet or a low EMF hair dryer

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What Is The Best Hair Dryer?

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