What Hair Dryers Professional Hair Stylists Use

Have you ever gone to get your hair done, loved what they did at the salon but was bummed because you couldn’t get your hair to do the same thing at home?  Ever wonder why that happens?  There are a number of contributing factors, but the biggest is those professional hair dryers they use!  Believe it or not but your hair dryer can make the difference between amazing hair and amazing failure. 

Your old clunker of a hair dryer probably uses a metal coil heating element which essentially bakes your hair.  A professional hair dryer uses the latest technology, using negative ion particles to lock moisture into the base of your hair follicles, and give you amazing results quickly and easily.

What Are “Professional Hair Dryers”?

Professional hair dryers are more durable than your average retail hair dryer, and can easily handle heavy daily use by professional hairstylists for years.  Why should you want one?  Hair dryers aren’t cheap.  Even the low quality hair dryers will still run you $50 or more, so if you’re going to buy one you’ll want one that will give you the amazing results you’re looking for, and will last for a number of years.  The average life expectancy of a hair dryer is between 200-300 hours.

While cheap or inexpensive hair dryers will offer you a large amount of features, they typically damage your hair and don’t last very long.  Professional hair dryers will out-perform lower end dryers while offering you a wider range of heat, and more stable and consistent temperature.  Professional hair dryers also give you varying speed settings so you can power-dry on high heat, finish on low heat, and then set the style using a cool blast of air.

While professional hair dryers were out of the reach of your average consumer years ago, the prices have drastically been reduced and is more affordable than every!

Based on customer reviews, professional stylist’s recommendations, materials, versatility, warranties, functions and our personal experiences, these three hair dryers are the best recommended professional hair dryers on the market today.

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