Wall Mount Hair Dryers

wall mounted hair dryerA wall mounted hair dryer offers the same features as a hand held unit though they are typically smaller.

Hair dryers are designed to provide a quick way to dry our hair after a shower or any other time that we might have gotten it wet. There are several different kinds of hair dryers available on the market and they offer a wide variety of features. While most dryers are the kind that need to be put in a drawer there are other units that are permanently mounted to the wall.

Hair dryers are a popular grooming accessory that most people simply cannot live without. The idea of towel drying the hair for many of women is out of the question. Most people have at least one of these grooming accessories and may have one for each bathroom of their home.

Wall mounted hair dryers, rather than hand held units, are typically found in hotels and spas . Part of the reason that hotels use this type of dryers rather than the other is the fact that guests won’t be able to accidenatly or intentially take them. By having it mounted to the wall it is virtually impossible for the dryer to be taken unless the person cuts the cord that connects it to the wall.

Some people will decide to have a wall mounted hair dryer in their home, but most tend to lean toward hand held models. There are some benefits to having a wall hair dryer. One of the biggest benefits is it makes the counter clutter-free and does not require a bigger drawer in the bathroom to store it. Also, we know how frustrating it is when you have a hair dryer that comes with a 9ft power cord. The latter tangles and gets in the way creating more mess in the bathroom. Wall mounted hair dryers will save you that trouble.

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Having a wall hair dryer also means that the unit is less likely to get knocked off the counter. Therefore, the likelihood of it getting damaged or broken is greatly reduced. While some wall hair dryers only offer the most basic of options there are some units that offer variable speed and heat settings and may also have an option to blast cold air. There are also units that offer attachments for styling (concnetrator nozzles or diffusers).

The main disadvantage of a wall hair dryer is the fact that it is not portable and you will either need to have another one to take with you on business trips and vacations or you will need to stay at hotels that provide them. You are also unable to use the dryer in other rooms such as a different bathroom or in front of the bureau mirror in the bedroom.

There are many suppliers that provide reasonably priced wall mounted hair dryers. One source for a good deal of hair dryers is beauty supply shops that provide equipments and other products to beauticians. There are also several sources on the internet for these products such as Amazon.com

To name few, one of the better quality units on the market is the Jordan JWM6CB, this model offers 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, and also has an auto off feature that shuts the unit off if you forget to. The second is The Oster OS31715 which is also a good product that offers the option of being wall mounted or counter top mounted.