Secrets to Grow Your Natural Hair Long

By colored hair expert

I use to cringe whenever I heard someone refer to another as having good hair or bad hair.  This idea of good hair is so poisonous.  Imagine the message we are sending to our mind and our hair.

If everything is alive and responds to our thoughts and spoken words, then you are instructing your natural hair to respond to “bad hair” command or Vise Versa.

We limit our ability to achieve very long hair when we use these negative terms.  So for ages, I always say, “Good hair is hair that is loved and cared for.”  And, it’s true the more you feel good about your hair the more you look at your hair with appreciation your hair literally begins to respond to this thinking and FEELING.

I have seen many women with very coily hair whose hair was very long.  My hair is also quite fine and coily and I certainly know what it means to be told that my hair is not good hair.  Imagine that!! But when I finally came to understand that my hair was not growing not because of the texture but because of all the things that I was doing to it everything changed.

Many of the things that you do now, which you believe to be healthy is not healthy for black hair at all.  So the cycle continues with you doing the same old thing which is killing your strands.

The Dynamics of Bad Hair

What’s bad about black hair is how it responds to the inferior hair care products and practices that we use.  It does not matter if your hair is tightly coiled or loose certain products will leave your hair feeling harsh, wiry and cause it to fall.  Ask a girl who has loose textured hair how certain greases make her hair feel and she will have the same troubles that a girl with tightly coiled hair has.  After a few uses, her hair will start to feel dry and sticky eventually fall out.

Find our what responds to your hair and what makes it feel like good hair.  Once you know that you can get off the cycle of feeling frustrated with your hair.  If you think your texture is too hard or too difficult to tend to, remind yourself that is the products you are using which make it feel unmanageable.

The Path to Good Hair

1.) Find products which nurture your particular type of hair.  Your hair will start to feel softer and more manageable with the right products, regardless of the texture.  The more wiry your hair is the more you need products which don’t suffocate your strands.  You need products which allow your hair to breath and feel soft and supple.

2.) Handle your hair with care.  Don’t rake combs through your hair, don’t use excess heat.  Hot coming and flat ironing should be avoided.  They should never ever become part of your daily routine.

3.) Feed your hair from the inside out.  The right foods help your hair to grow out thicker, stronger and shiny.  The wrong foods cause brittle, weak strands which don’t hold moisture will and break easily.

Growing your hair takes a mindset change.  It takes understanding what makes your nourish.  From that point on you will be amazed at how your hair begins to flourish.

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