Rusk Weightless Hair Dryer Review – Weighs Less Than A Pound But Really Powerful


This the 2020 Rusk W8less hair dryer review.

I wanted to bring you a review of a hair dryer that I’ve been really impressed with. It’s actually a gift I got for my birthday since they know I love hair dryers.

Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Review

This is the Rusk Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer. I’m going to talk about some of the features that it has and give some of my likes and dislikes, of course.

The Rusk has a 2000-watt motor, which means it is more powerful than like 1875-watt hair dryers, for example.

But that’s not what sold me on it because I usually look for other important features like ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic properties which I know help dry your hair faster and keep it healthier by protecting it from heat damage.

Tourmaline is basically a gemstone that hair dryers could be manufactured with. What this technology does is when your hair dryer heats up, it emits negative ions that help penetrate water molecules faster, which translates to faster hair drying.

That being said…

This Rusk hair dryer has all those properties built right in it. It has tourmaline gemstone infused into the grill itself and I definitely feel that it dries the hair quicker.


The Rusk w8less is one of the best hair dryers with infrared technology. But what is an infrared hair dryer?

This technology is different than just a coiled heated hair dryer. What infrared does is it kind of goes right through your hair instead of just using air to blow on your hair to dry it.

Infrared can penetrate and it goes right through the cuticles and dries them from the inside out. So that does a couple of things. One, it dries your hair way faster. Two, it doesn’t make your hair curl up near as much.

However, I wouldn’t say this is a complete replacement for a flat iron, but the results are pretty close. That’s a big deal because it saves you a ton of time.



It has this kind of cool cubic like design even though it looks white or cream-colored from a distance. So, aesthetically, this hair dryer looks very nice.

Heat/Speed Settings

It features 6 speed and heat setting: a high and low for your speeds and a hot, cool, and warm for your temperature. Then there’s the cool shot button at the top which is really easy to access.



The grip feels really comfortable. Part of this comfort is probably due to the hair dryer’s lightweightness, hence the word W8tless. It comes in at about a pound and it definitely feels lighter than most hair dryers out there.

In my opinion, this I is a game-changer when it comes to hand-held hair dryers.



The other thing that I like is that the grill in the back is easy to come off so you can clean it real easy, which is a bonus.



Another good thing that I do like is that it has a heavy-duty 8ft cord, which been a pet peeve of mine for other hair dryers.

I don’t understand why you would have a short cord on a hair dryer. We need that flexibility and option because not all of us are right next to a wall outlet.

So the cord on this Rusk W8less hair dryer is a lot longer than my previous hair dryers ane it definitely does not tangle like standard hair dryer cords.


What I do not like about this Rusk W8less hair dryer is that the concentrator nozzle is not engineered well to fit onto the dryer meaning you just push it on. It doesn’t click and it doesn’t have a groove or anything to really secure it to the base of the hair dryer.

So, I did hear that some people said that this was an issue for them, but overall, this hair dryer still has really good reviews on Amazon.

Overall, I like the length of the cord, I like the look of the hair dryer, I like feel of it, and I like how it performs.

So, that kind of sums up everything about why I decided to keep this dryer. I hope this Rusk W8less hair dryer reviews answered some of the questions you might have had before deciding to hit the buy button.

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