How to Repair Split Ends and Damaged Hair

Damaged hair and split ends What to do?

Our hair has a significant ability to absorb and also release molecules of water. Especially in a dry environment, under the sun or when blow-drying water evaporates not only from the surface of your hair, but also from the inside of the hair. This reduces the moisture content in the hair shaft and hair loses its elasticity and shine. This way the loss of moisture and nutrients happens because of small cracks which form on the surface of a damaged and dry hair. Hair is then even more vulnerable to more damage.

Another cause of dry hair may be an insufficient production of the sebum from sebaceous glands. Besides the negative environmental effects hair suffers damage from some mechanical actions, such as rough combing, styling, frequent blow-drying, UV rays, improper care, or some chemical treatments.

Some people also may have problems with split ends. Split ends make hair look dry, dull, brittle and less flexible. All the outcomes from your environment affect firstly the ends of the hair, since they are the most sensitive parts. Hair itself is just a dead thread, which during its growth is no longer supplied with nutrition. That’s why it is important to properly take care of it.

The split ends often come in contact with clothing, which causes friction and also drying of the hair. The damage firstly occurs on the surface of the hair cuticle. When this layer is broken down, the hair is more vulnerable to damage from the inside.

Honestly, you cannot really heal split ends! They can only be cut off. The best advice to prevent splitting is to trim hair regularly every six to eight weeks. Another option is to use products that are temporarily keeping the ends of the hair together, however this usually lasts only few hours, or until the next washing.

It is easier to prevent a problem than to solve it.

Good quality shampoos, balms and masks are absolutely necessary. If your hair suffers from frequent breaking and splitting, it is better to choose a higher quality hair care products which are available in hairdressing salons.

Another option is to apply from time to time some easy homemade recipes like natural honey mask for example. Simply just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil and apply on your hair, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off.

Olive oil is a natural source of important vitamins and minerals. It is proved that if you will every day consume one spoon of olive oil, your hair condition will improve. Hair will shine and will not fall out.

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