Pibbs Kwik Dry 514 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters

Pibbs Kwik Dry 514 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters


With the Pibbs Quick Dry 514 at home, you’re no longer a slave to your stylist’s schedule and availability.
If you’ve ever been to a Dominican Hair Salon, you’ve certainly gone under a Pibbs as it’s their beloved tool.

Some of us go to hair salons every week and that single visit costs at least 40$. Let’s say the Pibbs costs about 300$, if we do the math, it’s going to pay for itself in about 7.5 home washings. It’s a great investment as it helps get fabulous, professional-quality wash and sets without leaving the comfort of your house.

The Pibbs works great with these types of hair

  • African-American hair
  • Relaxed hair
  • Curly hair
  • Kinky hair
  • Super-coily hair
  • Thick / extremely thick hair
  • Long hair
  • Fine hair (wear a hair net)
  • 2c caucasian hair 
  • Thin hair


A reviewer said her LONGER POROUS HAIR used to take 90 minutes with other regular chair dryers. Now With the Pibbs Quick Dry it’s down to 45 MINUTES TOP!!!

Another reviewer confirmed the Pibbs is definitely a great hair dryer for deep conditioning (medium heat is enough)

What other reviewers say about the Pibbs

It helps avoid heat damage caused by blow drying and flat ironing. As many state, their hair is no longer capable of enduring excess heat and stress caused by blow dryers and instead found comfort in air drying. But the Pibbs has helped them enjoy drying their hair once again.

Dries the hair evenly and does not fry or leave it brittle. This is another point of strength. Regular handheld hair dryers focus the heat on one spot at a time making the drying time longer, whereas table top dryers or low quality stand up models blow the air downward, and this deprives some parts of the hair from hot air. The Pibbs circulates the air within the bonnet making it reach and dry every part of the hair evenly. This dries the hair quickly and helps keep it healthy.

Hair is left beautiful, healthy, shiny, silky soft, frizz-free and full of volume and bounce.
Helps get great, nice and shiny roller sets.

It cuts the drying time in half (literally). What this means is:

  • You can wash and set your hair on weekday morning (impossible with other dryers)
  • You can schedule dates and other events on the same day you go to the gym
  • You get to improve your setting skill level as you can do that often

Why is the Pibbs Kwik Dry 514 so effective

  • It offers super-hot settings
  • It has a unique hood design: covers the front, the back, the sides and ensures and even heat distribution (faster drying)
  • It’s easy to move around the house (you can do your nails or makeup, pay your bills…)
  • It can be beautifully adjusted to suit any height (kids fit nicely)
  • Its base with casters wheels is secure and rolls easily under the chair

Specs and Features

  • It’s 1100 Watts. 110-125V (very powerful and dries fast)
  • Produces quite strong airflow
  • Its temperature ranges from 0 to 70 degrees
  • Fits extra-large rollers comfortably
  • Has a timer control 0-60 minute timer (an added bonus)
  • Has a Thermostat
  • Has a control warning light
  • Dryer inside measurements: 12 1/4″ wide x 7 1/2″ depth
  • Has an adjustable height stand (base to top 49″ low to 66″ high)
  • Features a flip Top Visor
  • Comes with 5-star chrome base with smooth rolling wheels (wheels and legs are sturdy and super quality
  • Is very easy to set up (you only need a wrench)
  • Is very durable (some reviewers say they’ve had it for years)
  • Comes with 1 year warranty


The air flows from within the bonnet (some reviewers wear a hair net as their hair gets pulled up into the fan.


  • No big issues. Some reviewers say the visor is a bit stiff, whereas others say the cord is a bit short.