Organix (OGX) Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner Review: High Hopes & Disappointments

By Shannon

Product Overview/My Experience

Guys, this stuff SMELLS SO GOOD! Just had to get that out there. As far as smell goes, it is the best of the best. It reminds me of the sea breeze in my hair and sand in my toes. (If you don’t like the beach, I’m sorry.)

Unfortunately, smell is the only good thing going for this conditioner. When I first started learning the do’s and don’ts of curly hair, I came across Organix products, specifically the Nourshing Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. Seeing that these products were sulfate-free, contained proteins for healthy hair, claimed to be a good nourishing treatment and seemed natural otherwise, I decided to try them out.

The shampoo was ok. It lathers pretty well for sulfate-free if that matters to you. It smells good, it cleans. But it did seem to dry my hair out. Then I moved on to the conditioner. It’s thick and delicious-smelling, and while I was in the shower applying it, all seemed well. It feels a bit filmy when you use it…like it’s sitting on your hair and not really working IN your hair. It rinsed out fine, however, so no real complaints about the filminess. But oddly enough, being that it IS, after all, a conditioner…it dried my hair out like you would not believe and gave it an AWFUL texture.

We’re talking thick, course, dull, straw-like hair.  Once out of the shower, I typically brush through my hair. I use a brush because my hair type allows for it to go through easily without causing harm. This stuff made it difficult to brush through. It was more tangled than normal.

After using it for a week, I experienced more breakage, TONS of shedding, and fluffy course straw for hair. I remember taking this shampoo and conditioner on a beach vacation and it was all I had. I ended up having a mild anxiety attack over what I should do and how bad my hair was. I don’t have an answer to the question why, I can only tell you that this is what happened to me.

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome smell!
  • cheap
  • readily available in many places


  • dries hair
  • tangles hair
  • causes breakage and shedding/hair loss
  • gives hair a very strange straw-like fake texture
  • leaves hair dull
  • no curl definition

Guys, I wish I knew the mystery behind this shampoo and conditioner. Oh how I had plans to love it. How could something that seems like it would be so good, actually be so bad? I’d like to think that maybe without the shampoo, just using the conditioner, it would have gone a little better. I’d also like to think that the sea salt air and humidity had something to do with it. I may never know, as I don’t know if I will try it again any time soon.

To summarize everything I’ve said, I’ve had MUCH better hair days using cheap generic conditioners with their matching sulfate-filled shampoos. (Back in the day before I knew sulfates were bad, of course.) And there is something seriously wrong with that.

That was Organix  Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner Review. Have any of you tried using the conditioner only and had more success? Please let me know, I’d be curious to see if that makes more of a difference.

Thanks, guys!

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