Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer Review – What a High-End Hair Dryer Feels Like


Today, I’m going to be reviewing the one-and-only Karmin hair dryer G3 Salon Pro.

We, women, know that choosing our beauty products should never be taken for granted.

But when it comes to hair dryers, the majority of us just jump on the cheapest model we see online or in retail stores.

That’s a terrible mistake to make. Healthy-looking skin is worth nothing without a healthy-looking mane.

When it comes to hair dryers, the first word that comes to mind is “HEAT DAMAGE”.

Using heat on a daily basis will definitely result in heat damage if your hair dryer is not equipped with innovative technologies to help protect your hair.

Enter Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer. This dryer has secured a place among the best hair dryers in 2020.

Karmin Hair Dryer G3 Salon Pro

For many years, Karmin has won the reputation of manufacturing cutting edge hair tools like the Karmin hair straightener, and Karmin G3 hair dryer, the first in the Karmin Professional hair tools line, is certainly no different as it surpasses the standards of professional hair dryers.

Who it is For

Do you go to bed and think of the daunting and lengthy process waiting for you in the morning because your hair requires more time or your styling tool arsenal is unreliable?

Is your hair long, coarse, thick, frizzy, curly, natural/African American?

I guess the Karmin Pro is for you.



You are going to be blown away by the packaging the Karmin G3 Salon Pro hair dryer comes in: polished, sleek, and luxurious.

Even if you are not a hoarder, you will think twice before throwing the box away.

The box contains the Karmin hair dryer, 2 narrow nozzle attachments, a professional diffuser, a carrying case, and an instruction manual.

You read it right. It comes with a diffuser, which means you can happily dry your hair without losing your natural waves.

Right out of the box, you sense that you have something special between your hands.


The G3 we’re reviewing has a sleek look and a beautiful pearl white exterior finish.



Women who have long hair do worry about weight much. Long hair requires you hold your hair dryer for too long making this tiresome if the tool is bulky and heavy.

Talking about the Karmin, I don’t think it’s overly heavy or lightweight as it weighs 1.26 lbs.

So, being lightweight and very compact makes it a great travel dryer for women always on the go.

Benefits of the Karmin hair dryer

We often ask this important question:
How is this hair dryer going to help my hair?
Is it only going to dry my hair or is it also going to make it look better?”

To answer your questions:

  • You don’t need to sleep earlier nor need a secondary styling tool after you finish blow drying
  • Your hair will look good enough to leave as is
  • Less flyaways, less split ends, and less hair breakage
  • No more daunting task drying long thick hair
  • No Headaches: sleeping with damp hair causes migraines when you grow old
  • No broomstick hair: how can anyone let their damaged hair dry naturally?
  • Get ready for healthier, thicker, fuller, and super soft hair and flawless results
  • Add body, brush as you blow-dry, style as you go
  • You won’t stop running your fingers through your hair
  • Blow-dry and style your long thick hair, curly hair, damaged hair … without worry

The Karmin Pro will:

  • Change the look and feel of your hair completely
  • Change your outlook on hair styling
  • Thoroughly dry your hair without drying it out
  • Cut your drying time because the motor provides superior power
  • Make it a snap to style your hair in many ways thanks to the different temperature and speed settings, cool air, and various attachments
  • Reduce your entire frizz and add more volume near your roots
  • Straighten your hair while leaving that natural bounce
  • Make your curls straight and still have them styled nicely and curl inwards from the ends

For women who love drying their hair without using a brush, this hair dryer adds noticeable volume to your hair but without it looking out of control.

And if you use a round brush to straighten your hair, you’re going to get incredible shine from root to ends that lasts longer.

Heat, Speed, Cool Shot

One awesome thing about the Karmin hair dryer is that it has three-way temperature settings instead of two and two-way speed settings.

As for the temperature settings, the hot is VERY HOT and the cool temperature setting works beautifully.

You can start with the lowest heat to get rid of excess water before you begin styling. And don’t forget to use your cool air shot button to seal the cuticle after drying your hair.

The control settings are perfectly positioned, which makes navigating between settings super easy. This, together with its lightness, makes the Karmin Salon one of the most comfortable and easy to handle hair dryers.

The Karmin also features a cool shot blast that blows true cold air, which is very useful to finish setting the style you want in place.

Quiet Motor

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro hair dryer boasts an incredibly powerful 2000-watt motor. The motor generates some unbeatable power and wind-speed, making your styling time a breeze, which is impressive for the thickest of manes.

At first, you might think that this Karmin blow dryer is not powerful enough because its low noise gives the impression it’s not blowing air as powerfully as other high-end hair dryers.

It sounds more like a fan and you can even carry on a conversation while using it.


The Karmin is so fast that it makes you wonder whether the strand you are styling is completely dry or not. But when you touch it, the hair is 100% dry and feels smooth and silky.

It is so powerful that even using the medium heat setting dries your hair very quickly.

It takes less time to dry your hair than other even more powerful dryers that tend to leave your hair as if a tornado hit your bathroom. I suppose this must be because of the negatively charged ions.

Ionic, Ceramic Technologies


Negative ions help break up water molecules making the hair dryer able to dry hair faster using less heat. These ions also help prevent frizz that women living in humid areas do know and fear.

Hair dryers featuring the ionic technology do not only dry your hair but make it shinier, softer, smoother, more manageable, and easier to style.

They also help dry the hair follicle from the inside out, preserving natural oils in the hair shaft and helping your hair maintain its strength and flexibility.

According to Karmin, the G3 salon Pro can produce over 300 million negative ions, which reduces the drying time by up to 75%.

I guess Karmin’s 75% claim is a bit steep. From my experience, I found that the Karmin does cut the drying time by let’s say 30 to 50%.

Anyway, by reducing the time and heat we need to dry our hair, we avoid damaging our hair.


Ceramic coils produce infrared heat that is capable of drying your hair from the inside out safely without drying it out or burning the outside shaft of the hair.

In addition, ceramic dries your hair up evenly and helps it retain its natural hydration level.


Hair dryers that emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation are dangerous. So what’s the solution? Low EMF hair dryers like the Karmin G3 Salon Pro are great to have if you’re concerned about EMF.

Attachments: Nozzles, Diffuser



Karmin has included a narrow nozzle and an extra nozzle as well and both of them turn  360°. A lot of women don’t know what concentrator nozzles are good for.

First, nozzle attachments create a safe distance between your hair and the dryer’s piping-hot metal coil (remember EMF?). Second, they are great as they make styling even bangs a piece of cake.


It is a pleasant surprise that you do not have to buy the diffuser separately especially if you can’t live without one.

The Karmin diffuser is one of the best attachments I’ve ever tried. It has a wide crown which is great for long hair. Also, Karmin designed their diffuser in a way that is not going to weigh down the natural structure of your curls.

It is simply amazing as it fits perfectly, twists on, and is very secure. You know how annoying it gets when diffusers constantly fall off. The Karmin’s diffuser gets the job done properly leaving your hair looking glossy curly rather than frizzy and wavy.


Since you’re reading about this Karmin hair dryer, I feel you got fed up with wasting money on cheaper models that you have to replace every few months.

If you’ve read all the mentioned features and technologies this hair dryer is loaded with, then I guess you’re pretty sure this is not a cheap hair dryer.

As you already know, prices go up and down every day and I cannot tell you how much it is the day you’re reading this article, but you can check today’s price on Amazon, of course.

But, it’s worth mentioning that there are other hair dryers like the Parlux 385 that are actually cheaper and are able to dry your hair equally fast.


Hair dryer companies claim their models ensure a long life of service, but in fact the warranty says it all. The Karmin G3 Salon Pro comes with an amazing 3-year warranty, which I strongly believe you’ll never need.

This is a nice reassurance if you’re worried about the price. Just imagine how many hair tools you would have to replace in that time.

Final Thoughts


  • The Karmin Salon is a spectacular professional hair dryer
  • It is ergonomic, which is great for women with tiny hands and weak wrists. Styles your hair faster, more efficiently, and gives you gorgeous salon results
  • Great for even coarse and thick hair
  • You can keep the sleek box to store beauty products
  • Thanks to built-in technologies, this high-end dryer can dry your hair almost in half the time
  • Its 3-temperature settings and 2-speed settings make it very convenient for those who are obsessed with heat yet want to keep their hair as healthy as possible
  • Your hair will not get heat-damaged
  • Your styles will be able to hold longer
  • Your hair will be softer, shinier, and frizz-free
  • It is very quiet and probably comes second to the really expensive Dyson hair dryer
  • It is compact and lightweight and can fit your luggage easily
  • It’s very useful to save precious morning time
  • The air filter is easy to remove and clean
  • It’s low EMF (electromagnetic fields) to protect you and the environment


The only thing I could find is that it’s a bit pricey! That’s all.

That pretty much wraps this Karmin hair dryer review!

If you are in the market for a great professional-grade hair dryer that will last you years and years, look no further than the Karmin Salon Series Ultralight professional ionic hair dryer.

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