How To Get Curly Hair

Hairstyles tell a lot about your personality and they have the power to change your looks. Your looks are also affected by the type of hair you have, like, some have straight hair, some have mixed and others have curly hair. It’s the tendency of human beings to get fascinated by the things they don’t have, for example, those who have curly hair are often seen longing for straight hair. To get straight hair there are various ways being widely used by women these days, the most common among them is the use of straightening irons. Technology has made everything possible today. Tehnology is no longer not restricted to electrical appliances and automobile industry only, but the world of beauty has also undergone technical innovations and advancements in technologies that already exist.

You must be wondering what technology has got to do with curling your hair. Actually, beauty parlors are now using various equipments like hot curlers, sprays, gels and rods that can not only make your hair curly but will also keep it in that state longer.

If you have short hair and are thinking how to get curly hair, wet curls are a good choice for you. Wet curls look great on short hair and they make your features attractive. Wet curls on short hair suit the purpose of night parties the best. You can apply shimmering lip gloss and can go for other shimmers in your makeup too. For those who have medium length straight hair, curls with little bigger rings will look great. Wet curls too suit medium length straight hair. The best thing with medium length hair styles is that you can add fringes and bangs to them. You can apply light as well as heavy makeup with this hairstyle and can wear danglers in your ears.

Long straight hair is quite a problem when it comes to managing it. You also get bored with this simple hair style but you know this is the best hair type when it comes to experimenting with your hair. Curls look beautiful on this hairstyle and long and curly hair go with any makeup and clothes.

Straight hair is good and gives a clean look but curly hair is great and gives a stronger character. There was a time when most women want to have their hair straightened and so many different processes for straightening the hair were developed. Now, there are still these women who want straight hair but more seem to like a curly look. There are also several ways on how to get curly hair and here are some of the simplest ways.

•    Use sponge rollers during in evening before you sleep. If you want tighter curls, use the small rollers for small hair sections. You can use the big rollers for large hair sections. When you wake up the next day, before setting the hair, make sure to use spray gels or you can also use the steam rollers. If you prefer to use the steam rollers, make sure to wait for the rollers to set for 15 minutes.

•    The bendable sticks can also be used to give you a more natural curly look. All you have to do is to get your hair divided into smaller sections then place the bendable sticks half way then roll your hair up from the bottom to the scalp.

•    You can get  curly hair if you braid small sections of your hair. Just make sure that the hair is divided in really small sections.

•    The curling iron is also a good device on how to get curly hair. But you have to dry your hair up before you use the curling iron. It will take few minutes to get your hair curled up but the result is beautiful.

•    You can go for hair treatments only if your hair tolerates chemicals. Sometimes if the hair is not used to or if you have sensitive hair, perms cause damage.

It would always be best to go for natural ways of getting curly hair. Shampoo brands that promise to give curly hair are not really effective. If you do not have time to do any of the time consuming, natural ways, and you think your hair can handle the chemical treatment, go for that option. Other women who were thinking how to get a curly hair tried this, and it worked for them. It can last for 3 to 6 months and sometimes even longer. Nevertheless, it is good to ask an expert first before getting into this hair treatment.