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By Jack Holmes

Home Remedies For Dry Hair

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair maskA growing number of women these days suffer from brittle dry hair, but the real problem is that the majority of them don’t even know what’s causing it or if there are home remedies for dry hair to deal with it. The human hair becomes dry when it loses its moisture and natural oils secreted by the oil glands at the base of hair follicles.

These deficiencies cause the hair to lose its natural luster and even texture. Thus, dry hair is coarse in texture, uneven, has split ends, frizzy and is quite brittle. If you’ve ever seen unwashed straw then you’ll see what I’m talking about – it is thicker towards the scalp but has tapering ends. It is very difficult to run the comb through dry hair as there can be several tangles. Combing dry hair often leads to loss of hair.

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair mask

1. Using chemical dyes and styling gels
2. Excessive exposure to pollution, sun and wind
3. Malnutrition
4. Excessive blow drying and heat styling
5. Hypothyroidism Anorexia nervosa
6. Excessive washing
7. Menkes kinky hair syndrome
8. Using harsh soaps and alcohol
9. Hypoparathyroidism

How My Wife Discovered Home Remedies For Dry Hair

One day my wife’s hairdresser asked her about what she does to take care of her hair. She replied: “egg-based masks, oil baths, and henna as well”. Once he heard that, he started being sarcastic in front of his big mirror. Then he said “You seem to be left behind, there are multi million companies out there who are doing a great job concerning hair care. However, your masks are nice, but they’re not enough”

According to this man, women can come up with any hair care “potion” but it’s nothing to compare with the hair products made by l’oreal and the like.

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair maskGoing back a few weeks, my wife went to buy some of her hair masks, namely H’suan wen hua. The results were outstanding. My wife’ hair got its suppleness and luster back just in a matter of a few weeks. She then grew very curious to know the miraculous ingredients conatined in that black pot. When she read the label she found: eggs, bananas and avocado? At that time, the house was full of fruits and eggs that were rottening. So instead of disposing of them, she started making a hair mask right away.

She put the mask on her hair and waited for the magic to operate. And to tell you the truth I was not very enthusiastic about this easy way of getting the hair every woman is longing for, but to my surprise, her hair was getting even more beautiful and more lusterous.

What I liked more about this experience is the fact that home-made hair masks saved us some cash. From that time on, she has always made her hair masks at home and has shared it with lots of her friends.

Ok, no more talking, since my wife has an audience she shares her experiences with, I have mine and they have the right to know about this.

Hair Spa At Home

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair mask

The Masks

Make sure you make the hair masks just right before you apply them to your hair by mixing and blending all the necessary ingredients. Once you get the mask ready, apply it to your dry hair and leave it rest for about 30 minutes before washing your hair with your regular shampoo.

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Nourishing recipe

1 egg yolk
2 tablespoons of good quality olive oil

Elements to add according to the effect desired

  • 2 tablespoons of honey for smoothness
  • 1 whole fresh yogurt for moisture
  • 2 tablespoons of rum for volume and brightness
  • 1 banana or 1 ripe avocado to enrich and nourish
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to clean (to apply on the scalp area only)
  • 2 tablespoons of almond powder with 2 tablespoons of warm milk for very dry hair (without using egg yolk)

Oil Baths

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair mask

Oil baths are a also a great solution. Massage your hair with one or two spoons of olive oil and leave your hair rest as long as you can. Cover your hair with a steam heated towel. If not possible heat the towel with blows from your hair dryer. This helps the hair scales open and allows the oil to better penetrate.

You should know that there are a lot of women out there who can’t even afford a cheap shampoo, but their hair can be healthier than yours or my wife’s. These women use natural oils to their maximum.

Here is a list of five oil baths that you can choose from accordng to the effect you’re looking for:

  • Olive oil: softens and nourishes the hair then helps redraw highlights
  • Sweet almond: protects and soothes and It is also good for itchy scalp
  • Shea or coconut: very nourishing and great for shine
  • avocado: rich in vitamins, enriches and promotes hair growth
  • Argan: protects, moisturizes, revitalizes damaged hair

Rinse Waters

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair mask

To complete the task, you can use water as a last rinse bath to your hair after shampooing. The most convenient way is to use a spray to properly soak your hair. Just put the mixture in a bottle and use it as soon as possible.

For a liter of mixture with mineral water:

  • 1 tablespoon of organic cider vinegar for healthy hair
  • 1 tablespoon of honey for shine
  • 1 half-glass of beer, already opened, for volume
  • 1 lemon and chamomile infusion bag for blonde highlights
  • 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar and a bag of rooibos tea for brown highlights

Neutral Henna

home remedies for dry hair, hair spa at home, henna for hair, homemade hair mask, avocado hair mask, olive oil hair mask

I can hear the bell that just rang “I don’t want to turn my hair into carrot-orange”. You should know there are a lot of types of henna and one of them, namely Cassia Obovata does not generate any coloring effect. Cassia Obovata allows its users to benefit from it without any “collateral damage”

Henna is a beautiful and real hair care product that strengthens, revitalizes, and purifies the hair. My wife uses Lawsonia inermis, as it gives beautiful dark brown red highlights.

Preparation Of Henna

In a plastic or glass container, make a well with henna powder. In the center, pour hot (not boiling) water till you get a thick cream. Then add the items you would prefer to have in a mask: olive oil for dry hair, lemon to cleanse, yoghurt to enrich and so on.

Henna is not easy to apply, and it can stain your body, clothes and suroundings so: apply it to your hair strand by strand, put the container in the bath or in the sink, and lower your head above the container

cover your hair with transparent film and then with a towel. For neutral henna leave it rest for about 30min, and for coloring effect to take place leave it rest for the whole night. Finally you just rinse your hair and use your regular shampoo.

When my wife tells other women that she makes her own hair masks, the majority of them ask 3 questions: Does the oil remain in the hair? Is it easy to rinse? Do the oils ensure immediate results?
Her answer is absolutely no, yes and yes. With shampoo the oil is washed away, just like what happens when people wash their oily hair. You just have to spend more time in the shower to thoroughly remove the mask and do not forget the back of your ears because with mashed banana on the head, even Megan Fox would lose her sex appeal!


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