Getting the Right Curly Hair Cut

Face of a beautiful young woman with brown long ringlets hairs and dark fashion make up. Isolated on whiteIf you have curly hair, getting your hair cut can be a little trickier than if your hair was straight. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a long line of terrible haircuts. You just need to work with stylists who have experience with curly hair and go for a cut that suits not only your taste but your curls. Here are a few tips to help you get the best curly haircut possible. Remember – these tips aren’t just for women. They work with curly haircuts for guys, too.

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Let Your Stylist Know What Your Hair Is Like

It’s important for the person cutting your hair to be able to understand the way your curls grow and how they fall. Come in with your hair dry and styled, so that your stylist can get a good look at it. Don’t be tempted to wash it before your appointment – not all stylists choose to cut curly hair wet.

In general, people with tight curls should have their hair cut dry at first, and then can choose to have it shampooed and cut wet to even things up and take off damage. The initial dry cut allows your hair to fall into its natural shape, so you won’t get any surprises once it dries. If your hair is loose or closer to wavy, you may wish to have it cut wet.

Layers Can Be Your Friend

Layers are one way to keep curls from having minds of their own. They can thin down specific areas, and prevent the pyramid shape that some curly haired people with long hair tend to develop. However, be sure that your stylist knows how to cut layers in curly hair. Otherwise, you could end up with hair that’s fluffier than it was when you started.

Take Care of Your Curly Haircut

Without the proper care, your curly haircut could become difficult to manage. There are a few things you can do to help care for curls to keep them from being a pain. Remember, frizz is always related to incorrect care. Many people overdry their curls without knowing it. To keep this from happening, avoid drying shampoos. Use a shampoo that keeps moisture in, and only use it a little at a time, to clean your scalp. Don’t wash every day – that will only make your scalp produce more oil to compensate for the drying action of the detergent.

Avoid heat

Blow dryers can be especially bad, causing frizz and damaging the strands. Straight-ironing your hair is okay once in a while, but if done regularly, can also cause damage. Use lots of conditioner, avoiding the types that have silicone derivatives (cones), because they can keep moisture out of your hair, not inside, where you want it.

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