Get Smooth Curls With Ceramic Curling Irons

One of the best ways to style your hair is with ceramic curling irons. Old fashioned curling irons were made from metal, and some of the cheaper models still are. However a large number of irons on the market these days feature the ceramic technology. Once upon a time only salon stylists had access to these irons. However today you can buy ceramic irons in beauty supply stores like Sally’s as well as discount department stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and various others.

Ceramic barrels help seal the cuticle of the hair with infrared heat. A sealed cuticle means smoother and shinier hair regardless of whether you want smooth waves or bouncy curls. When you use ceramic styling tools frizz is dramatically reduced. These irons also heat quickly which means less waiting time. And, because of the high heat settings, it is not necessary to expose your hair to the iron for very long as you might need to do with metal curling irons. Less heat exposure equals less damage. Some ceramic tools, when used as directed, may even improve the look and feel of your hair.

Many of these irons feature a variety of temperature settings. Instead of the usual low, medium and high heat settings many ceramic irons have knobs that can be precisely adjusted or digital temperature settings for ideal results. Those with damaged hair should use the lowest heat setting possible to avoid incurring further damage. However, if you start out with low heat and don’t get the look you want, gradually increase the temperature until you find the perfect setting for you. Another thing you’ll like about ceramic irons is that they come in a variety of barrel sizes from super skinny to oversized.

When using ceramic curling irons or any other kinds of heat tools, it is important to apply some heat protectant to the hair. There are all kinds of thermal serums and sprays that protect your hair against heat damage and add shine. You can use these products along with your usual styling products and routine. To lock in your curls or waves, wait until the curled sections have cooled before combing through them. For a beautifully tousled look, apply one of the new texturing sprays made with sea salt such as Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Spray. Finish your ceramic iron styled hair with your favorite hairspray for a look that lasts all day.


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