Different Types Of Beards

types of beards, best hair dryer reviewsMen also take good care of their appearance and try hard to stay fashionable. No one denies the fact that a successful haircut gives a stylish look, but so does a beard.

A beard that suits the face beautifully improves men’s attractiveness. But the question is: Where to start? What will best suit your face shape and lifestyle? Below are the best and trendiest beards according to the shape of your face.



chin strap1. The Chin Strap around the mouth

For those who are growing a beard and do not really know if it would suit them, or for those who prefer a meticulous and less “hairy” style, the chin strap around the mouth suits almost every face shape. Yet, the chin strap does not look well on those with a strong chin.


the three-day beard, best hair dryer reviews2. The “neglected beard”

The neglected beadr is back again and rising rapidly! Great news for men who hate to shave regularly. The “three-day beard” has been fashionable for a long time, comfortable for men and sexy for women. Also, it’s a beard able to suit every face shape, but it will make you look older if you have some white hairs.


the goatee3. The goatee

The goatee will never go out of fashion. It has been worn by rebels of all times, seducers, businessmen and those looking for more vintage styles. It’s undoubtedly a smart choice. But do not forget to trim it frequently and do not leave it grow lest it loses its original charm.


mix of goatee and full beard bekham4. Goatee and Full Beard

There are some men out there who are not loyal to a specific trend and always look for ways to stand out. For men eager to be different, this beard will suit them perfectly. It’s a daring and elegant mix of a goatee and a full beard. To maintain its good appearance, you’ll have to take care of it by trimming and refining it from time to time.


full beard

5.The short full beard

short full beard is also a nice choice: Elegant! It helps conceal those little face imperfections. And a lot of women find it really sexy!!



long full beard6. The long full beard

This style is a bit “risky” especially because it requires a lot of care even if some might think keeping it is effortless. However, countless stars and ordinary men have bet on this long full beard that inevitably makes us think about rustic mountain loggers, especially on less fleshy faces. If your face is a bit chubby, we do not recommend this type of beards since it twill surely make you look even fatter.


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