Curly Hair Facts: Did You Know?

Here are 10 random fun curly hair facts!


Hair products for curly heads don’t work on all curly heads. My life-saving leave-in conditioner might do nothing for people with type 4 hair. It’s all about finding what’s right for you.


Many people wonder about ‘the curly hair gene’. In reality, there is no such thing. Curly hair is genetic, but there isn’t one single gene that determines it.


Hair consists mainly of a protein called keratin. If you’ve ever heard that word before and didn’t know what it was, now you do.


While no definitive statistic can be found, it is estimated that somewhere between 30-40% of people have wavy hair, and about 15% have true-blue curly hair.


Most curly heads have several different curl patterns. It is rare to find all s-shaped, all kinky curls, all coils, etc. I know mine is a mix of different kinds. I typically have lots of coils with a few s curls. Depending how I style my hair, I can have ringlets, almost all s-curls, or my hair can straighten out in some areas!


The shape of your hair follicles is the main determinant of whether or not your hair grows curly. If your hair follicles are symmetrical and round, your strands will be round and straight. If your follicles have an oval asymmetrical shape, your hair will be on the curly side.


Ever wonder why humidity is so disastrous for curly hair? Why all the frizz, fluff, and size increase? Turns out, curly hair is more porous than other hair types, and so it more readily sucks in all that moisture.


Hair is really strong! 1 strand can supposedly hold 100 grams. Since people have over 100,000 strands of hair, this means all of your hairs can hold about 12 tons (24,000 lbs.)!


Curly hair is sensitive! It is more prone to damage, breakage, frizz, you name it. That’s why you will so often read that to have healthy happy curls, you need to be gentle and take great care.


The concept of treating curly hair differently is (sadly) fairly new. Be grateful that you can now find ways to make your curly hair look amazing! =)

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