Cordless Hair Dryer – Battery Operated Hair Dryer Reviews

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cordless hair dryer, battery operated hair dryer

Have you ever seen someone using their hair dryer in bathtub? Well, I have.

To stand out from the competition, brands that market hair dryers are continuously coming up with new diversified products – among them the cordless hair dryer. Most people are familiar with the kind of hair dryers that have to be plugged into an electrical socket in the wall. Now in the 21st century, the technology for cordless hair dryers has finally been developed. They are battery operated hair dryers and can be recharged when the battery life gets too low. Also they’re pretty quiet.

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You may be thinking: “How is a cordless hair dryer going to be beneficial to me?” Well, anyone who dries their hair frequently will be able to answer this question.

This kind of hair dryers features two very substantial assets. First, you do not need to worry about the length of the power supply cord, which is totally annoying. Corded hair dryers will prevent you from walking around the house while drying your hair and will force you to stay stuck in one room, while cordless models will surely enable you to move about freely especially when you would rather KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAdry you hair on the balcony as a way to avoid the extra chore of picking up the hair falling on the floor.

Second, you can carry it with you wherever you go especially in places where you do not have access to a socket point.

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A cordless hair dryer is great to take on vacation, especially if you plan on swimming at the beach or camping as you will no longer have to worry about which type of power supply socket is installed in hotels abroad or whether you happen to have an adapter. Accordingly, even if you decide to take your own corded hair dryer around you will have to suffer through the inconvenience of carrying all that heavy weight around.

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In fact, it is better for you to take your own cordless hair dryer since the models that are available in the hotel industry are often not sufficiently powerful and just ruin the hair instead of styling it.

Cordless hair dryers have both a hair dry and blow dry setting. You may think they don’t get as hot as corded hair dryers, but in fact they do.  These hair dryers are extremely durable and feature a long lasting motor. This ensures that people who frequently dry their hair will be able to get a lot of use from the device.

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Light weight and easy to handle

In all cases, your potential cordless hair dryer should absolutely be lightweight and easy to maneuver. It should also be able to provide enough heat while offering variable heat and speed settings. the best cordless hair dryers, battery operated hair dryers

It is recommended that you opt for a hair dryer with a long-lasting motor that is enough resistant to  ensure a durable performance in case of prolonged or frequent drying. This is a decisive factor to  take into account if you have long hair or if you are the kind of person who use their hair dryers more often than others.


The hotter the dryer the more energy from the battery gets consumed

Wireless Rechargeable Hair Dryer (1-battery) Freedryer Summer Edition


best cordless hair dryer reviews Cordless & rechargeable
Wireless & battery powered
Electromagnetic radiation free
Comes with AC adapter & car charging cable
Batteries are consumables
Has a running time for 15 minutes at warm setting and 8 minutes at hot setting
Unique snap lock-on design for installing battery provides you the easiest way to replace a second battery for extending the using time
Safe even when it drops into the water
Convenient for one to use it while camping, traveling, after swimming and even taking care pets

Wireless Rechargeable Hair Dryer (2-battery) Freedryer Summer Edition


best cordless hair dryer reviews The world’s only rechargeable battery-operated hair dryer
EMR free (safe for children)
No need to reach for a power outlet nor stand still in the bathroom
Cordless & rechargeable
Wireless & battery-powered
With no current leakage at all, it is safe even if it drops into the water.
AC adapter & car charging cable
Batteries are consumables
Has a running time for 15 minutes at warm setting and 8 minutes at hot setting
can be charged indoor with 100V~240V AC adapter and in car with 12V power cable

operating voltage 12 V
settings 2 heat/speed
temperature output hot setting     : 60℃ (140℉)
warm setting   : 50℃ (120℉)
run time hot setting     : 8 minutes
warm setting   : 15 minutes
charging time 4 hours
charging current 1 A
battery life cycle 300 cycles
power consumption 200 W - 400 W
weight 440 grams
detachable battery set

Safe even if it drops in the water

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Benefits of cordless hair dryers – continued

Their ultra portable properties help you have wonderful hair anytime of the day, anywhere you want. Whether you hit the gym and want to shower after a healthy exercise activity, you can always bring your cordless hair dryer with you and get instant flashy look in no time.

Cordless hair dryers are now widely available in the market as more people find them very helpful for their travelling and business activities. You can get an instant makeover at the office, at school, at the park, at the mall or even at the beach with cordless and portable hair dryers.

They are powered by rechargeable batteries so you will just have to bring batteries along with you for premium hair care at all times. These types of hair dryers are perfect for busy people and those who find themselves on-the-go most of the time. Keeping yourself presentable and beautiful has never been easier thanks to the lightweight cordless blow dryers.

Aside from its portability features, these types of hair dryers are complete with options that let you control the flow and temperature of the air. An adjustable cap is also present for different types of hair styling techniques you feel like doing. Cordless blow dryers also generally contain a fan, heat-source, battery casing and a power switch.

When purchasing hair dryers, choose the portable cordless type so you can bring it anywhere you want and be glamorous anytime. Aside from that, cordless blow dryers are safer to use than conventional types.


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