Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Review

Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer


Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer



This bonnet style hair dryer is very effective, according to reviewers. They say that it dried their hair well and did not leave them with scorched or unhealthy hair. In fact, most say that this product helped to give them healthier hair whether they were using it for general drying, hair treatments or at home coloring.

Easy to Use

One of the best things about this hair dryer is that it is very easy to use. The dryer has four heat settings for your convenience and shuts with a simple drawstring. Customers who purchased this item say it is great for older people who can no longer deal with heavy handheld hair dryers.


According to people who reviewed this product, this soft bonnet hair dryer is very comfortable. They say it does not pull on their head or their hair and stays in place while they read, watch television, do their nails or perform other stationary activities. They also like that the bonnet fits in a way that enables you to still hear while you are wearing it.


At just $22.77, this is one of the less expensive hair dryers on this list. Reviewers were very happy with the price and say this product is a good investment.


This hair dryer is very light. Reviewers liked that it did not feel heavy on their heads or weigh them down in any way. Since this soft bonnet dryer is so lightweight, customers say it is easy to maneuver while wearing it.

Large Bonnet

In its description, this product boasts that it can be worn over jumbo rollers. Some reviewers did not think that it was quite that large, but they say that it is plenty spacious for customers with very thick hair or long dreadlocks.


Not Powerful Enough

A few reviewers complained that this hair dryer was not powerful enough for their needs. They say that even on the hottest setting their hair was not fully dry. These reviewers were in the minority, however, as most reviewers say that the hot setting is actually a little bit too hot and they prefer the warm setting.


According to research, this is an effective and affordable option for customers who are looking for a soft bonnet hair dryer.

At just $22.77, this is an inexpensive product. Since several customers say they have had the product for a few years, it seems to be worth the already low price.

Some of the best features of this hair dryer are that it is comfortable, easy to use and effective. People who used this product say it is great for drying your hair without having to struggle with a handheld dryer. They also say it works well for hair treatments, deep conditioning, and at home coloring.

This hands-free, hassle-free hair dryer is great for older customers or those who like to multitask.
The biggest drawback of this product is that some customers say it quit working periodically or overheated. Some people suggested that the heat may cut out if the airflow is restricted to the bonnet from the hose, so this may not be a problem with proper use.