CHI Rocket Hair Dryer Ceramic 1800 Watt Farouk Dryer

CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer


CHI Professional Ceramic Hair Dryer in Multiple Colors and Styles


Dries Hair Quickly

The Farouk CHI Pro dries hair very quickly. Customers say it is great for thick hair because it can dry a lot of hair very quickly. Because this hair dryer uses infrared heat, it dries hair from the inside and keeps in moisture. This means that it dries hair fast without blowing too much air which can tangle up your hair.

Soft, Shiny Hair

This hair dryer has fully ceramic components, not just ceramic coated components like most other ceramic dryers have. This means that your hair will be soft, sleek and shiny after you use this hair dryer. Most reviewers were very satisfied and loved that they got salon quality hair at home!


According to people who bought this hair dryer it is extremely quiet. This is wonderful because it will not be loud while you dry your hair, which gives some people a headache. This also means that you will not wake anybody up when you blow dry your hair in the morning.

Reduces Frizz

Because this hair dryer uses Ionic and ceramic technologies, it greatly reduces frizz and fly aways. Reviewers were very happy about this and say that their hair was smooth and shiny after they used the CHI dryer. Whether you are blowing your hair straight or drying curls with the included diffuser, your hair will be frizz free with this dryer.


This is a very lightweight hair dryer. It weighs just one pound! Customers were thrilled about the weight of this hair dryer because it lets them dry their hair without wearing out their arms. Plus, this hair dryer is still plenty powerful even though it isn’t heavy.


The Farouk CHI Pro hair dryer is a high quality hair dryer. It uses fully ceramic components and ionic technology to give you soft, shiny hair with no frizz.

One of the best things about this hair dryer is that it is very quiet. It is also lightweight, but it is still a very powerful hair dryer that dries hair quickly.

This is one of the more expensive hair dryers on this list. Some reviewers had problems with this hair dryer not lasting very long, but that may depend on where customers purchased the hair dryer because Farouk does not guarantee its warranty for products that are purchased online.

All in all, this is a very effective hair dryer and most reviewers felt that it was worth the higher price.

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CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

chi hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews

 The Professional Chi Rocket Hair Dryer has proven to be a popular choice for many.  However, the price seems a bit high. But if you are one that take their hair seriously and ready to spend that much, you can rest assured that this tool comes with a lot of great features.

chi hair dryer, best hair dryer reviewsThe Chi Rocket is designed with a  pretty large 1800 watts motor. There are two heat settings and two speed settings and there’s also a cool shot button – you press it once for on and once for off, you don’t have to keep it pressed down when using.

Chi Hair Dryer Rocket emits millions of  negative ions (great for getting frizz-free, shiny hair) and has an extremely low EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) which cuts down on static. There’s even a little indicator on the side to let you know when it’s producing infrared and ionic heat.

Finally, you get both a concentrator nozzle and a comb attachment.

chi hair dryer, best hair dryer reviewsAll in all, this Chi hair dryer is a very good hair tool and, when used correctly, does produce, silky, shiny, smooth hair that looks like it was professionally styled in a salon – indeed, many top stylists use a CHI Rocket dryer.


chi hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews

chi hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews

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CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

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