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Best Quiet Hair Dryer

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Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews

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Looking for a quiet hair dryer? As we all know, blow drying our hair is not as enjoyable as one would imagine it to be. Countless times we intentionally skip this famous step called drying and would rather let our hair air-dry simply because we are no longer able to bear the infernal noise of our hair dryers. And yet, we would not disagree that blow-drying without a hair dryer is more complicated and our curls without a diffuser feel dull and flat. So how can we realize perfect hair styles without using our hair dryers? It turns out that for some time now some noiseless hair dryers are beginning to blossom for our greatest hope. Hence, hair drying is no longer a constraint.

It is very hard to find a completely quiet hair dryer. However, over the last few years, manufacturers have made quite a considerable progress towards that aim. They have successfully put out models that can keep the noise nuisance to a minimum. Most of these models are labeled “quiet hair

best quiet hair dryer

dryers”, but if you check the technical features of the tool looking for the number of decibels emitted you will make sure they are not as quiet as they claim to be. A conventional hair dryer emits up to 80 decibels, but it is possible to find hair dryers approaching 60 decibels, particularly in online stores with expertise in hair tools. It is also significant to note that these quiet hair dryers do not in any sense sacrifice the quality or the drying time for the sound volume.

Also, manufactures do not miss to design these hair dryers with the revolutionary ionic technology that allows for relatively faster drying times without damaging the hair and especially without deafening the user’s ears.

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Less noise in your bathroom

Why invest in a quiet hair dryer?

Generally speaking, in our imagination, it is easy to associate the dryers’ power with the decibels. In comparison, a typical conversation is around 60 decibels, a vacuum cleaner is around 75 decibels, and the maximum volume of an MP3 player is around 100 decibels. Most specialists state that 85 decibels does pose a serious danger to the human hearing. It is therefore recommended to avoid extended exposure to noise superior to 85 decibels.

A conventional hair dryer emits up to 80 decibels. Accordingly, if a hair dryer is used on a regular basis and for extended periods – as is the case with professional hair stylists – it can cause fatigue and tend to be harmful for the hearing.

But one might think that quiet hair dryers are more expensive than their noisy counterparts. The answer is absolutely not! Just because they’re designed to be quieter does not mean that they are more expensive. Quiet blow dryers are like all other dryers even if they are designed with more features. This added value has no effect on the dryer’s final cost since it’s considered a normal feature and not a bonus.

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How Loud Is Too Loud

quiet hair dryer reviews

Did you know that hood hair dryers are much quieter than handheld hair dryers?

Video review: Salon Sundry Bonnet Hair Dryer

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Recommended Quiet Hair Dryers!

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Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic

The Centrix is considered to be the quietest hair dryer of all!From Amazon


best quiet hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews


  • The Centrix Q Zone is definitely not whisper quiet. It’s still impossible to find a hair dryer that is “silent” and still able to dry the hair in a reasonable amount of time. The Centrix Q Zone hair dryer is substantially far quieter than any other conventional or professional blow dryer.

Why is the Centrix Q Zone so quiet

  • It features a large diameter ‘Squirrel Cage’ type fan that can produce the same air flow requiring lower revolutions-per-minute (inherently quieter motor requirement / lower ‘hushed’ range) compared to other hair dryers. This is exactly how central heat/air conditioning units produce air flow (and you know how quiet they are). Also, This hair dryer’s fan is oriented perpendicularly and has a large air intake area making the air flow much less turbulent – less restrictions in air flow means less noise

Noise level

  • A user pointed a sound level meter to the vent and the DB level didn’t reach 80 (80 DB is hardly heard from a short distance)
  • Another one used a “Decibel Ultra” app: Low setting (78.93 DB) / High setting (between 77 and 80)
  • A third one used a Smart Phone DB Meter: Low setting (60-62 DB) / High setting: (70-72 DB)

The Centrix Q Zone

  • Doesn’t shrill
  • Saves your ears from the decibel onslaught of high pitched hair dryers and contributes to your family’s comfort (sleeping or watching TV)
  • Is a you-can-talk-while-you-use-it quiet hair dryer
  • Has a soft lower pitch (more of a deeper droning sound) that doesn’t change with use
  • Some used it to dry their puppies and kittens and had no issues
  • Helps control and tame frizz
  • Dries the hair quickly enough and leaves it healthy, frizz-free and soft rather than brittle
  • Does not get scorching hot and does not suck out all the moisture protecting your hair from heat damage

Specs and features

  • Is 1500 watts, features an efficient AC Motor and has good velocity (50 mph air-speed)
  • Has a GFI plug (120V)
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology for more luscious, healthier and well hydrated hair)
  • Is used by a lot of professionals around the globe. If professionals trust it to handle heavy duty use, why can’t you
  • Has a low and high setting, three speeds plus a dual cool shot position (front and back of grip)
  • Comes with a concentrator attachment (you can use universal attachments too)
  • Is solidly built and well-balanced with a comfortable grip (no buzz on low)
  • Has an easy to remove top screen (fan faces upward)
  • Has a 9f quality heavy duty power cord
  • Weighs 1.5lbs
  • Comes in top-of-line packaging


  • A bit big/bulky for some users (because of that special fan), yet it is a fair trade-off for the quietness
  • The on/off switches are located on the outside (it only takes a little time till users get used to it)

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Conditioning Dryer Whisper Light Bio Ionic Whisper Light Hair Dryer


quiet hair dryer, bio ionic whisper light


  • As I said before, there’s no “whisper” hair dryer, but the Conditioning Dryer Whisper is a much lower pitch hair dryer. It would not make your ears ring when you finish using it. Also, A husband bought it for his wife who has hearing loss

Noise level

  • 72 DB

The Bio Ionic Conditioning Whisper

  • If you’re used to cheap low quality hair dryers, you’ll noticed a big difference immediately
  • Is trusted by hairstylists
  • Dries and styles coarse, dry, frizzy, curly hair fast (if used with a diffuser, it helps keep the curls larger with no frizz)
  • Is great for fine limp hair as it protects it from excessive heat (dries, styles and leaves it voluminous, smooth, shiny and bouncy)
  • Dries long, thick hair without a big effort
  • Is really gentle on thin hair

The Bio Ionic Conditioning Whisper

  • Is powerful and dries the hair in a matter of minutes
  • Improves texture of hair
  • Increases manageability and shine and prevents frizz and static
  • Leaves hair shiny, soft, smooth (stays that way) and super fluffy
  • Doesn’t burn, dry out, tangle the hair or create frizz
  • No more frizz, fly-aways or cowlicks, no more flat iron touch-ups or anti-frizz products
  • You’ll no longer have to tie up your hair because of that dirty clumpy look
  • Helps you get salon results right at home (with the proper brush and techniques)
  • Has 5 times higher levels of natural negative Ions output

Specs and features – The Bio Ionic

  • Is 1800 watts / 110-120V
  • Features 2 heat and 2 speed settings and a cold air blue button (has to be pressed not like the more powerful 1875 watts version)
  • Comes with an unbeatable 5-year warranty
  • Has dual removable and cleanable filters (this helps extend the life of the dryer)
  • Is relatively light-weight (weight is so far back in the dryer and better balanced around the axis of the handle)
  • Its slide on/off button is comfortably and conveniently located
  • Has a long nozzle which with the concentrator on gets even longer, and this is good for low EMF (Electromagnetic field) emissions
  • Has a 9f professional-length cord
  • Is sleek and easy to hold and maneuver


  • No medium heat
  • A bit pricey

Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet pro Ionic Dryer


Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet pro Ionic Dryer


  • Overall, it’s an excellent product at an amazing price that lives up to its name and people’s expectations

Noise level

  • measured its noise level with a high quality decibel reader (not an app) and got these two consistent readings: 78 and 79

The Revlon Quiet pro Ionic Dryer

  • Is much quieter than normal hair dryers and yet dries the hair in decent time
  • Leaves the hair healthier, softer and shinier thanks to the negative ions it generates
  • Does not get blazing hot and does not dry out the hair (moves air nicely and is much more gentle on the hair)

Specs and features

  • Has a vertically mounted fan design with curved blades (energy efficient)
  • Is 1600W – 110-120V
  • Has 2 speeds and two heats plus with the cool shot feature to lock styles in place
  • A concentrator attachment is included
  • It’s easy to hold, dependable and lightweight
  • Has a 6f long heavy duty flat cord with a GFCI protection plug
  • Has an attractive hot pink look and is reasonably priced


  • Some users complain the concentrator attachment pops off
  • Takes a bit longer to dry hair than 1875+ hair dryers (Yet sacrificing 2 or 3 more minutes is a fair trade off for how quiet it is)

HOT TOOLS Whisper Quiet Ionic Dryer, Black/Silver

(…) the most important feature is that it’s very quiet in comparison to every other hair dryer we have ever owned. (…) So if you want your hair dried and want to do it without waking up the whole house, this is your dryer.From Amazon


best quiet hair dryer hot tools

Noise level

  • High (88 dBs) / Low (82.2 dBs)

The Hot Tools Whisper Quiet

  • Is not whisper quiet, but definitely does not make that bothersome tell-tale high-pitched whine. (has a quiet hybrid motor )

The Hot Tools Whisper Quiet

  • Its Ionic features makes it to style with and helps it do a very good job drying. It also gives the hair a shining finish and fights frizz
  • Is 1600 watts / 110-120V
  • Has 2 speeds, 2 heats and a cold button that stays down when you press it (this is a huge plus that a lot of more expensive models don’t have)
  • Comes with concentrator nozzle and a diffuser attachment (with a pik becomes a finger diffuser pik)
  • Is well-made and has an 8ft long cords


  • Control buttons are on the back (if you’re not used to this)
  • Some reviewers complain it makes a rattling noise inside the motor

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