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10 Top Rated Hair Dryers

Looking for the best professional hair dryer? Keep reading, this article is for you.

Professional Hair Dryers: What makes them better than conventional ones?


best professional hair dryer reviews

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It’s high time you possessed a new hair dryer and you’re not sure where to begin. Being able to choose a blow dryer correctly is the key factor to make your hair look perfectly strong and healthy, create pretty and trendy hairstyles or just dry your hair. To be efficient and help us cut the drying time in half, the hair dryer we have should absolutely feature the latest technologies. In fact, according to their hair type and intensity of use, women prefer one model over another.

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Some key features like power, number of speed settings, the included accessories or type of hair (curly, fine …) can help determine what your next hair companion looks like. But what’s the added value of a professional AC Motor? Which purpose is it for? Decoding…

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Best professional hair dryer: not only for the pros

Oh yes, professional hair dryers are not restricted to hair salons! They are mbest_professional_hair_dryeruch more powerful than classic models and are characterized by delicate elongated shapes that help direct the air precisely onto the hair even at low speed. How does this help get better results? Whatever you hair type is, the drying time is cut in half. The other big advantage of professional AC Motors is their robustness. Their life can reach 2000+ hours and yet they do not overheat even at frequent and intense use. Contrary to professional hair dryers, conventional hair dryer are manufactured with DC motors that are known to be light and less resistant.

No more unexpected breakdowns while blow drying! Good news for beginners and all those with long and thick hair 😉

Jump to reviews, features and models

Other features to choose the best professional hair dryer best_professional_hair_dryer_speed_settings

Variable heat and speed settings, cool air shot button, ionic ceramic and tourmaline technologies, the number of attachments included. These are other features to take into consider prior to buying a professional hair dryer.

The ceramic technology protects the hair by evenly and homogeneously distributing the heat, thus making it soft and shiny.

A Tourmaline blow dryer has been found to blow dry up to 40 percent more quickly than its non-tourmaline cousin. The speedy and productive results are good for the client and the stylist. best_professional_hair_dryer_cold_shot_button

Cool air button. When activated at the end of the drying process, it ensures long-lasting hold for an impeccable hairstyle at all times.

The included attachments help you style your hair to suit your mood and hair type: opt for an extra slim concentrator nozzle for precise hair styling and forming, and a diffuser to dry your curls without damaging them.

best hair dryer reviews twin turbo hair dryer accessories2

Collection of the best Professional Blow Dryers

Video review: Salon Sundry Bonnet Hair Dryer

Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer, Black/Silver

button(7)elchim 3900 blow dryer - black and silver

Works great with

  • Thick corse hair (dries in 20 minutes)
  • Long hair
  • Fine hair (feels and looks much fuller if blown upside down)
  • Curly hair
  • Natural / African American hair
  • Kinky hair
  • Wavy hair
  • Frizzy and unmanageable hair
  • Color treated hair (Elchim is protective)

The Elchim 3900

  • Helps you enjoy professionaly done hair every time you use it
  • Is ceramic ionic and has a powerful air flow, which helps cut down on dry time considerably
  • Does not create frizz, flyaways or turns the hair into a knotted mess
  • Does not blow the hair all over the place (the force is very strong but it’s directed)
  • Makes the hair feel healthy, shiny, silky smooth (all the way down to the ends) without much effort
  • Adds bounce to the hair without making it super fluffy
  • Gets very hot without burning your hair or your scalp
  • Straightens and styles the hair in no time

The Elchim 3900

  • Is 2400 watts / 110-125V
  • Features 3 temp settings (cool, medium, hot) and 2 fan speeds and a cool burst option (you DO NOT need to hold it down and you DO NOT have to grope around to find it)
  • Features nano silver technology that kills germs
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (have two pressure clips that lock into a radial groove around the nozzle tip / they click into place securely and have a swivel
    feature built in to help you easily rotate and adjust them during blowout)
  • Is Durable, sturdy and well designed
  • Its switches provide enough resistence and are greatly located (make adjustments on the fly without having to change your grip)
  • Is quiter compared to other high end professional models (has a hum rather than a whine)
  • Its weight is well balanced to ease wear on the forearm & wrist
  • Its back intake comes off for cleaning (or screw off the back to change the filter)
  • Has an ultra-resistant professional 9f power cord 
  • Has a lifetime replacement warranty (Just keep the box and the paperwork included)


  • Couldn’t find any

Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer


Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Hair Dryer - Black

For unboxing jump to 3:47 minutes

Special feature

The Sedu is one of the fewest blow dryers that offer the ability to turn the Ionic function on and off. On for tons of extra volume (as the ionic function tends to flatten the hair), and OFF to tame the frizz.

Cami from Amazon
(…) I decided to go with the Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i. Especially since it was chosen by Harry Josh himself as HIS  … see more

The Sedu 4000i VS Harry Josh hair dryer

  • The sedu has the same exact body casing
  • The attachments are the same and fit both
  • The switches, cord length, markings and body size are all exactly similar in both dryers
  • The motor sounds exactly the same
  • The Sedu dries the hair even faster
  • Finally, Harry Josh hair dryer costs $340 in

Great for these types of hair

  • Color and chemically treated Hair
  • Curly unruly hair
  • Naturally wavy
  • Thick, coarse, long hair
  • Fine or thin hair
  • Dry Hair
  • Normal Hair
  • Frizzy
  • Hair that traps moisture

The Sedu 4000i Hair Dryer

  • Will help you finally replicate that cherished blowout you get in salons.
  • Ensures record drying time with zero FRIZZ – consequently, faster drying equals less heat exposure and damage
  • Guarantees healthy (for those who blow dry every day), shiny, voluminous, straight, silky smooth hair


  • It’s extremely powerful (1875-2000 watts)
  • Has an unparalleled strong air force (80 mph air speed and 86m3/h air flow)
  • Features 2 heat / 2 speed settings (Low/High – low is quite powerful, high is ultra-powerful), a switch to turn the ions ON/OFF, a cool blast button to seal in a curl or wave (constant pressure)
  • Its switches don’t get accidently turned
  • It’s compact, sturdy and has a sleek design
  • Evenly weighted compared to the sturdiness of the unit and the power of its AC motor
  • Does not make a grating high pitched motor noise (a husband said he can even sleep while his wife’s blow-drying her hair close to him)
  • Comes with a 9ft super long cord, a 360 rotating nozzle for a closer and straighter finish, a removable and cleanable filter and a beautiful two-year warranty


  • Some users who aren’t accustomed to professional dryers find the Sedu a bit heavy

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Portofino 6600

button(7)babyliss hair dryer

Works great with

  • Long thick coarse, unruly hair (dries in 8 – 12 minutes)
  • Frizzy naturally curly hair (with minor touch-up with a hair straightner)
  • African American hair / Wavy hair
  • Fine hair (style on the medium heat)
  • Colored and bleached hair / permed hair

The Babyliss Pro Portofino 6600

  • Cuts drying and straightening time remarkably
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky, shiny, healthy, damage-free, frizz-free
  • Stylish, shiny soft hair that is full of volume is now a possible combination
  • Women are surprized that it straightens hair even on low settings
  • If you learn how to dry and style your hair by yourself, you will be happy to know this dryer’s price is practically the cost of one trip to the salon
  • You can scrunch your curly hair into much better curls
  • Is one of the best blow dryers if you’re after professional blowout every time

The Portofino 6600

  • Is made in Italy, 2000 watts, 125 volts / AC 60Hz, and features an Italian AC Motor
  • Stylish, shiny soft hair that is full of volume is now a possible combination
  • Air speed of 69.5 miles/hr and airflow of 108 m3/hr
  • Hairstylists recommend it as it’s impressively performant, powerful yet gentle on the hair
  • Offers 6 possible heat and speed combinations: 3 heat settings: (cold, warm, and hot), 2 speeds (HI, LO) / A cold button you don’t have to keep pressing
  • Features an Ionic generator and a nano titanium grill
  • Its unit never gets hot
  • Is ergonomic, easy to hold and quiet even at high settings
  • Comes with three attachments: a diffuser and two concentrator nozzles (wide disperse, angled disperse)
  • Has a meteal screen that is removable to clean off the lint that suffocates the fan and the motor
  • Has a limited four year warranty
  • Has a triangle-shaped loop for easy storage, an extra long solid round cord


  • Some reviewers say it’s a bit heavy (and say they’re are used to their cheap, plastic models)
  • Others aren’t comfortable with the switches positioned on the side. (It just takes them some time to get used to a new hair dryer)

Bio Ionic Power Light Pro Dryer, Matte Black, 36.90 oz


Jane Baily fro Amazon
Working as a professional hair stylist (…) this is the best I have ever used. It is … see more

Works great with

  • Fine hair
  • Thinning hair (gives beautiful fullness to it)
  • Colored hair
  • Thick coarse hair
  • Long, thick hair (dries in 15 minutes flat)
  • Wavy hair
  • Frizzy and unmanageable hair

The Bio Ionic Power Light

  • Is used by Stylists everyday in their salons
  • One of the fewest hair dryers that IS what it’s advertised to be
  • Restores the health of damaged hair
  • Is very powerful (airflow doesn’t feel like a blast), gets very hot (without damaging the hair) and dries the hair twice as fast it usually takes taming the hardest frizz and taking flyaways away
  • Its NanoIonic™ Mineral helps hydrate and condition hair leaving it glossy, sliky soft, and frizz-free (Far Infrared Heat and Conditioning Nano Beads)
  • Cleanses and deodorizes hair

The Bio Ionic Power Light

  • Is 1875 watts / 110-125V
  • Is designed with a longer lasting AC motor
  • 3 fan and 3 heat settings (cool, medium, hot) and a cool blast option (you don’t have to hold the “snowflake button” down continuously, which is a big bonus)
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (two different sizes for different uses)
  • Its adjustment buttons are greatly placed making it very easy to maneuver
  • Is lightweight, sturdy, well-made and pretty durable
  • Has a great 9f cord that doesn’t wrap around itself
  • Has an unbeatable 5 year warranty (you won’t find yourself in the market for a new one anytime soon)


  • Couldn’t find any consistent downside from users

Rusk CTC7500 Ceramic Titanium Ionic Hair Dryer, 2000 Watt


rusk professional hair dryer

Works great with

  • Fine hair
  • Curly hair (prone to frizz)
  • Natural / African American (With a round brush it gets my hair straight without needing a flat iron) / Coily / Wiry hair
  • Thick coarse hair (that is difficult to dry and that needs to be smoothed or straightened)
  • Frizzy and hard-to-manage hair
  • Long wavy hair

The Rusk Ceramic Titanium Ionic

  • The Rusk is a great hairdryer with great styling ability!
  • Is extremely powerful and blows hard (780 feet per minute) but does not get too hot, which helps cut total hair-doing time significantly with no heat damage
  • Can be used to dry, add volume, diffuse or straighten
  • Helps get silky soft, smooth, healthy and professional looking results and achieve sleek and bouncy blow outs
  • Fights frizz, flyaways and split ends

The Rusk Ceramic Titanium Ionic

  • Is The only 2000 watts hair dryer featuring the Ceramic Titanium Ionic Technology /  110-125V
  • Has a standard USA plug with ground
  • Is specifically manufactured to provide superior performance with its advanced motor and ceramic and titanium complex
  • Features 7 heat/speed settings (3 heat and 3 fan settings + a cool button (quick burst of coolness / placed in a good spot))
  • Comes with a diffuser and three different concentrator nozzles
  • Is of great quality, feels substantial and comes with a thick long cord
  • Features a specially crafted, ergonomically designed handle making it easy to use and maneuver
  • Is a reliable professional model


  • Is a little loud

GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer


best professional hair dryer ghd hair dryer

Did you know that GHD costs at least $225 in Sephora and it’s almost 100 dollars less in Amazon. People were skeptical whether it’s authentic or not, but since Amazon
allows them to return any item, they bought it and went to GHD website and registered it without any problems. Read what others said about this.

Works great with

  • Very thick hair (dries in 10 minutes)
  • Frizzy and curly hair
  • Fine / super fine hair
  • Long hair
  • Thick coarse hair (dries it quickly and smooths it out like silk)

The GHD Air Performance

  • Is a truly professional quality dryer exactly like the Eclipse Flat iron
  • Is very powerful (professional AC motor), has a good airflow and dries the thickest of hair so much faster than a normal consumer line product (without burning it)
  • uses advanced ionic technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last longer, with far less frizzing
  • Helps you get gorgeous, salon perfect hair
  • Makes the hair come out healthy, silky smooth, glossy, voluminous in a fraction of time
  • Gives great movement through the length of the hair

The GHD Air Performance

  • Is 1600W /  110-125V
  • Features 2 speeds, 3 heat settings and a cool blast hot button
  • Has two different nozzles (tailor your blow-dry to your hair type)
  • Has an ergonomic and ambidextrous design for easy handling (whether you’re right or left handed)
  • Has an extra long 9f cord (total flexibility)
  • Has an adaptor ring for universal diffusers
  • Has 2 concentrator nozzles (nice and narrow and stay attached securely)
  • Is Italian made, efficient, quiet, well-built and feels substantial
  • Is much more lightweight and easy to use
  • Its lint trap filter is a breeze to clean without removing it
  • Has a rubber anti-slip pad (put it on the counter withput turning it off)
  • Is a comfortable weight
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty (once you get it, make sure it has an original hologram sticker and code. Then head over to their website and register it right away


  • Cold shot button is a little hard to press
  • Is a bit bulky

Read Full Review

 Croc DGN Greenion Hair Dryer


Croc_Greenion_hai_Dryer Generates over 3 million negative ions: softer, healthier hair with less static
Optimal airflow thanks to its specially designed cap
Turn ON for smoothing/straightening and OFF for volume
Easy to handle thanks to its lightweight, ergonomic design
Lightweight, hybrid AC motor
Insulated barrel-suitable to hold to the dryer by the barrel with out burning hands
Shock tested-built with dual housing structure for extreme durability, most suitable for the professional salon environment
Silent fan blade-reduces noise

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Best Professional Hair Dryer Reviews

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