Low EMF Hair Dryer Reviews – An Ally To Your Health

Worried about EMF? Get a Low EMF Hair Dryer

best low emf hair dryer reviews
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I guess you’re worried about electromagnetic fields emitted by blow dryers, but rest assured a low EMF hair dryer is actually an ally to your health.

What does low EMF hair dryer mean?

First, EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and the “low EMF” feature indicates that a certain hair dryer generates a harmless amount of EMF radiation thanks to a new technology built in the hair dryer’s motor.

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A lot of people are surprized when they find out how the intensity of the magnetic field  presebest low emf hair dryer reviewnt near electrical apparatus may be variable. The intensity of the magnetic field does not depend on congestion, complexity, power or the sound level of the tool people use  and can vary from one device to the other. For instance, some hair dryers are surrounded  by a very strong magnetic field, whereas other tools do not generate any. Some experts believe that the effects of these emissions can include cancer and possible immune system effects.

This is why investing in a low EMF blow dryer is much better for you and your hair, but which model is actually worth the investment?

Do you know that sit under hair dryers are LOW Radiation hair dryers?

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Low EMF Hair Dryer Reviews

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer


Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair Dryer

Believe the hype! (…) I actually enjoy drying my hair now! I read all the reviews before I bought … see more

This is one of the lowest EMF hair dryers.

Works great with

  • Dries and styles all types of hair thanks to its adjustable temperature and speed settings (curly, fine, thick, natural, color treated, extremely thick, long, frizzy …)

The Solano Supersolano 3500  Lite

  • Professionals love it as it gets the job done efficiently and lasts more than they expect
  • Blows a significantly forceful even airflow (Ceramic grill / no risk of “blow frying” your hair), which helps it dry the hair in a fraction of time leaving it soft, smooth, static free and giving it an amazing
    sheen just like when it’s professionaly blown out (Far infrared heat)
  • Gets beautifully hot without frying or drying out the hair and without creating frizz or flyaways
  • Does not burn the ends to a crisp
  • Gives the hair its healthiness and vitality (years of cheap hair dryers and excessive harmful heat)
  • Has two heat and two speed settings and a cool blast (set the hair style and hold the hair style for the whole day long)

The Solano Supersolano 3500  Lite

  • Is 1800 watts / 110-125V
  • Features ceramic tourmaline for even heat distribution, infra-red heat and negative ions to tame the most stubborn frizz
  • Features nano silver technology that kills germs
  • Comes with 2 ultra narrow fiberglass concentrator nozzles for optimum drying, straightening and styling
  • Is lightweight, so easy to handle (gyroscopically balanced), durable and well-made (lead free build, polycarbonate shell)
  • Is easy on the ears than most professional models (low dB for hearing protection)
  • Is Low EMF (electronic magnetic fields) emissions (great for health)
  • Has a 12f super long professional heavy duty cord (not rigid)
  • Has an integrated removable lint trap for easy cleaning
  • Has a 2 year warranty (you must register product right away) + an awesome support service


  • Some reviewers say the buttons are located where your fingers rest (no big deal as it takes a bit of time to get used to that)

Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000 Hair Dryer


low emf blow dryer reviews Eco-friendly ceramic heating element emits EMF of 4.1 mG making your hair soft and shiny!
Emits low EMF and saves electricity thanks to its ceramic heating element
Saves 40% more electricity than a standard dryer with a coil heating element over 200 mG of EMF
1100 watts equivalent in heat/blow power to 1800 watt standard dryer
AC Motor
11 foot cord
Heats up to 320 F with 1100 Watts of power
Dryer weight = 1.8 lbs

EMF emittions: Barbar and two other hair dryers

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Farouk CHI 2100 Professional 1800 Watt Rocket Low EMF Hair Dryer


chi rocket hair dryer ceramic low emf

Lowest output of EMF    low emf hair dryer reviews
Ceramic Technology

Heats up faster
Produces moist heat
Dries hair 40% quicker
Quiet dryer utilizing ceramic technology
Leaves hair shiny and healthy
Infrared light indicator on the side lets you know when you are producing infrared and ionic heat

CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer


CHI Professional LOW EMF Hair Dryer 1800 Watts Low EMF for Safety
Smooths coarse hair into soft, moveable hair

Extremely Quiet and Lightweight DC Motor, 120V AC, 60 HZ, Powerful 1800 Watt Shines hair using Ceramic
Heat and Ionic Technology, Quickly dries hair using far infrared technology
Cold Shot Button Helps to Lock in Every Style
2 Heat Settings, 2 Air Flow Settings, with Convenient hanging loop allows for easy storage
Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Control

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer


51WTokXhTOL._SX425_ Low EMF
Long-Life professional 2000W AC Motor to dry and style every hair type
Incredibly fast drying
Features ceramic heat
Two speed and three heat settings to create the style you want
A cool shot button to lock the style you create into place
Comes with 2 narrow nozzle attachments to focus your styling and shaping on smaller sections of hair
Also comes with a diffuser for those careful with heat
Great even for thick curly hair
Comes with a 3 year warranty

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All been said, do you use your hair dryer more often than others? In this case it’s of great importance you purchase a low EMF hair dryer. Using hair dryers for prolonged periods is a sure way to get exposed to harmful radiations and this may aggravate with time.

You might be asking yourself this question: “if hair dryers can be this dangerous, how can I blow dry my hair?” Don’t worry!!! Manufacturers are doing their best to satisfy those of you who question the quality of the tools they’d like to use before buying them. There are good models in the market today that are designed to emit a minimum of Electric Magnetic Fields that do not pose any threat to the user’s health.

A great number of models that supposedly ensure low EMF either lack good features or the motor they’re designed with is not enough robust and long lasting. The best low EMF hair dryer should feature variable features, a robust motor and premium performance all at an affordable price.

best low emf hair dryer reviewssYet, your quest does not stop at getting a low EMF hair dryer. You should look for an extra feature – ceramic coils – that will ensure consistent heating and faster results.

double insulated hair dryerHair dryers have an interior double insulation that protects the user from electric shocks and are only pre-fitted with a two-pronged plug. They should not be connected to the main earth since in case of an accident they become dangerous.

EMF of hair dryers decreases in proportion to the square of the distance. The rule is that if the distance is doubled, the intensity of the magnetic field is divided by four. Also, using a hair dryer 10 cm away from the head decreases its radiance by 50%.


The chart below displays the  characteristic values of the magnetic field generated by some electric apparatus commonly used in house and workplaces. these measures were carried out  in Germany and all the appliances are operated at a frequency of 50 Hz. The exposure level varies very significantly depending on the model and how far it is.

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3 cm (μT)

30 cm  (μT)

 1 m  (μT)

Hair Dryer 6-2000
0,01-7 0,01-0,03
Electric Shaver        
15-1500 0,08-9 0,01-0,03
Vacuum Cleaner 200-800 2-20 0,13-2
Microwave 73-23 4-8 0,25-0,6
Electric Oven 1-50 0,15-0,5 0,01-0,04
Washing Machine 0,8-50 0,15-3 0,01-0,15
Iron 8-30 0,12-0,3 0,01-0,03
Dish Washer 3,5-20 0,6-3 0,07-0,3
PC 0,5-30 < 0,01  
Refrigerator 0,5-1,7 0,01-0,25 < 0,01

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  1. As a natural health author, EMF levels are important to me. After reading this article I did purchase the Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000 Hair Dryer. I measured it with my EMF meter, and it is NOT low EMF. I promptly returned it. I urge you to take readings of each of these dryers with your own trifield EMF meter. The marketing pitches cannot be trusted.

    Best, Angela Taylor
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