Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair – 7 Models to Choose From


I bet you wonder how the best hair dryer for curly hair looks like, and I bet  you have already tried lots of other hair dryers. Curly haired ladies know that drying their hair is so complicated. Bear in mind that successful drying helps you get beautiful, healthy, luscious and bouncy curls. On the contrary, failed drying makes the hair fluffy and it often goes out of control.

Below are 4 of the 7 best hair dryers for curly hair

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Price – These are approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.  But generally speaking: $ = under $40 / $$ = $40 to $100 / $$$ = $100 to $200 / $$$$ = $200+


Recommended features

  • Absolutely a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment
  • Ionic, ceramic, tourmaline technologies. Ionic hair dryers generate negatively charged ions to shrink water, meaning faster drying with less heat. Ceramic dryers generate even, radiant heat by using self-regulating ceramic coils instead of metal ones, so ceramic dryers are much less likely to overheat. Tourmaline dryers have a tourmaline stone in the heater to “boost” the ion output, which is thought to produce an abundance of negatively charged ions. Your best option would be possessing a hair dryer featuring the three technologies
  • A hair dryer with a cool shot button to lock the style into place
  • A powerful motor – at least 1500 watts
  • Variable heat and speed settings

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Note: Before you read the reviews

As you certainly know, curly hair is a bit hard to dry and style, but if it’s hard for you (your arms get tired or you have arthritis) or if you’re fed with holding your hair dryer with the diffuser on for 15-20 every morning then you may want to consider buying a hood dryer.

Women with these types of hair (natural, African American, Kinky, thick curly, coily, permed) can’t stop talking about how life-changing, comfortable and efficient these hood dryers are. They give you the possibility to do your make-up or nails, pray, have breakfast, check your emails, pay your bills … all while drying your hair. Isn’t that beautiful!!!

Hood hair dryers or sit under hair dryers are now manufactured to be used at home at affordable prices. Check these best hooded hair dryers along with their reviews and what other curlies like yourself say about them.

Video review: Salon Sundry Bonnet Hair Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Nano Titanium with Integrated Ion Generator Hair Dryer

The majority of users confirm they had never thought a hair dryer could make such a big difference until they used the Babyliss Pro


Does great with

  • One of the best hair dryers for thick hair
  • Thick curly (5 minutes drying time), long (6 minutes), fine (even lots of it / gives it more volume), wavy, thin, dry (that gets frizzy), color treated hair

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

  • Is Nano Titanium
  • Ion generator smooths the cuticle reducing damage, frizz and fly-aways
  • Hair is sleek, smooth, full of body, shiny and bouncy
  • 3 heat settings (high, medium, low) and 2 speeds (high and low)
  • Flattens cowlicks
  • Straightens curly hair with little effort
  • Does not make hair brittle or over-cooked
  • Has a 4 year warranty (keep your receipt)

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium features

  • A 2000 watts motor (so powerful) and great for faster blowouts
  • A lightweight, compact and easy to handle design
  • A hang ring for convenient storage
  • Stiff switches (won’t change with little bumps)
  • A US compatible plug


  • Some reviewers complain the attachment falls off periodically

Rusk CTC Lite Dryer




  • Leaves curly, thick, unruly hair more manageable smooth and glossy
  • Straightens hair beautifully

Also good for

  • Wavy, frizzy hair
  • Thick coarse hair
  • Fine hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Thin hair
  • Long hair (may tangle easily so move your hair instead of moving the hair dryer and sometimes use your brush)

The Rusk CTC Lite

  • The Rusk Features Ceramic and Titanium technology
  • 3 heat and 3 speed settings for more styling options, and a true cool air option
  • Its medium heat is great for styling with low damage levels
  • Its cool setting is great to use with toddlers
  • Dries hair in record time
  • Dries thin hair without burning it
  • 1900 watts motor guarantees faster drying yet very quietly even at the highest settings (users have a conversation while using it)
  • Dries and styles hair easily without creating unecessary frizz
  • Weighs 12 oz making it super lightweight and comfortable to use (no more tired arms)
  • Most users say it’s the same model their hairstylists use
  • Comes with a sturdy concentrator nozzle and a diffuser
  • Has a 9ft cord and an ALCI plug
  • Great for travel
  • Has a removable filter for better maintenance


  • Some users state that the diffuser does not stay on when it gets too hot (but find it to be a minor issue compared to the great results they get)

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer


My hairstylist said it was what she was trained with at the Paul Mitchell Academy


Great for

  • All types of curly hair
  • Helps straighten long, curly hair in less than 20 minutes

Also good for

  • Fine hair
  • Thick coarse hair
  • Thick, Asian hair
  • Color treated hair
  • Wavy frizzy hair

The Twin Turbo 2600

  • Is an Anti-overheating device
  • Has a high-powered 1700 watts professional AC Motor
  • This is the model Dominican Salons use
  • Has four heat settings (low-cold, high-cold, low-hot, high-hot)
  • Does not damage the hair
  • Dries hair fast yet gently
  • No more poofy frizzy mess on top of your head
  • Amazingly cuts the drying time and guarantees salon quality results
  • Helps smooth out your hair
  • Keeps your hair healthy, sleek, shiny, frizz-free and with lots of body
  • Helps create your dream blowout with or without using a round brush
  • Has a cold shot button for more styling options (more attractive curls)

The Twin Turbo 2600

  • Is not high pitched
  • Is easy to control
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments for more concentrated airflow
  • Is a quality product that has a rubberized grip and a long 9ft cord


  • Some users find it a bit weighty but not crazy heavy
  • Others complain about the position of the switches (but it takes a little time to get used to a new professional hair dryer)

Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer


Best hair dryer for FRIZZY hair and CURLS

My hair is very thick, unruly, frizzy, and wavy/curly. It dries in 6-7 MINUTESFrom a reader


Also good for

  • Long, very thick and coarse hair (takes 20 mns from sopping wet to completely dry
  • Fine or Thin Hair
  • Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Color Treated Hair

The Solia 1875 Thermal

  • Excellent for round brushing
  • Straightens and smooths the hair and keeps frizz down
  • Reduces fly-aways and static (on dry winter days)
  • Has a strong airflow (79 mph) which helps cut drying time remarkably (reducing heat damage)
  • It doesn’t fry hair or make it coarse or brittle
  • It does make hair much healthier, glossier, 10X softer, and gives bouncy curls
  • Creates more volume
  • Features variable heat and speed controls ( 2 speed / 3 heat settings) reducing the need for hair straightners / convenient when styling
  • Styles hold very well and for many days

The Solia 1875 Thermal

  • Manufactured in Italy
  • 24-month manufacturer warranty
  • Is 1875 watts
  • Features a beautifully thin nozzle
  • Comes with 2 Concentrator nozzles and a long heavy duty cord
  • Reliable, easy to maneuver, professional quality and amazingly long-lasting
  • Comes in a gorgeous deep blue color with sparkles
  • Has a rubber bumper to protect it from slipping off the counter
  • Weighs 1.4 lbs
  • Has a permanent button for its true cool setting
  • Weight: 1.4 lb


  • a bit weighty  to hold
  • Some users find its airflow too powerful 

DevaCurl Dryer and Diffuser

All the pretty soft straight haired girls are now loving “my” hair and wishing they had it… instead of me wishing I had straight hairFrom a reader



It’s one of the best hair dryers with diffuser attachment.

Great for

  • All types of curly hair (S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli, Corkscrew, Tight)

Also good for

  • fine (with no volume, tortured with perms, backcombing, and fistfuls of mousse and gel ), straight, wavy, thinning hair

The DevaCurl Hair Dryer

  • Helps you get back your curls (affected by age and chemicals) and creates more body and lift
  • Curls are absolutely more defined, frizz free, softer, and shinier
  • No more flipping over to try and fluff up your hair
  • No more flyaways, flat roots, frizzy and straw-like curls
  • Dries hair fast without blowing it all over the place
  • Its lower heat functions keep your hair immune from heat damage
  • Helps detangle the hair without a brush
  • Features a cold shot button to set the style in place

The DevaCurl Hair Dryer

  • The beautifully looking “hand diffuser attachment” has vents on both sides and dries both directions making it much easier to shape curly hair from the inside out
  • It’s lower pitched
  • It’s gentle, light weight, ergonomically designed and super easy to hold
  • The lint filter is easy to get defuzzed
  • Comes with  a 9ft solid round heavy duty cord

User reccomendations

  • After washing your hair, set the dryer to the highest setting to get the water out, then set it to the lower
  • If you have long hair, you should know that longer hair means older hair, and hence you have to treat it even more gently than shorter hair. This is because of longer periods of ‘wear & tear.”
  • Maximize the results of this hair dryer by using DevaCurl products
  • If you feel like you want to go straight, grab the concentrator attachment and you’re styling (literally and figuratively)


  • Some reviewers from Amazon say the concentrator does not stay put when it gets hot

Conair Infiniti Pro Volume Dryer


I can literally get my hair dry root to tip, only scrunching it into the diffuser and using circular motions and I ended up with a nice, casual, beachy, wavy look that was not frizzy at all


The Conair has one of the best diffusers for curly hair.

Great for

  • All types of curly hair

Also good for

  • African American hair
  • Delicate fine and straight hair (gives a boost of volume to flat hair)
  • Thick wavy hair
  • Permed hair
  • thick/coarse

The Conair Infinity Pro Volume

  • Produces plenty of heat and dries the hair in a timely manner without burning the scalp or roots
  • Does not make hair frizz or look gross
  • Leaves hair feeling smooth, luxuriously healthy and shiny
  • Comes with a great attachment that helps dry and fluff your hair from the roots upwards creating nice, defined, spirally, bouncy and full of body curls without damaging the rest of your other curls
  • Brings LIFE to your overly heated curls
  • No more dry, brittle, straw-like, dried out mess

The Conair Infinity Pro Volume

  • Features a low, med, and high plus warm, warmer, and hot, and even a cold setting if you need just cold air (to lock in your final style)
  • Is solidly built with a powerful AC motor inside and yet not too heavy
  • Comes with two attachments, a Volumizer (for styling and volume) and a Concentrator (to straighten). They snap into place perfectly and all reviewers confirm the attachment NEVER FALL OFF
  • The diffuser has a plastic lip to keep hair from flying all around, creating no unecessary frizz
  • The control buttons are nicely positioned (no problem switching them by accident)
  • Comes in a gorgeous purple color
  • Has rubber nubs on each side to safely put it on the counter
  • Has a convenient removable lint filter for easy cleaning to extent the motor’s life

Tips from users

  • I don’t use it as instructed in the video. Instead I flip my hair over and dry my hair upside down. This gives my curly hair better volume and a more polished look
  • When I want to blow-dry it straight, the concentrator plus the high power of the highest speed setting blow it out quickly and without frizz


  • It is a little bulky

Andis Professional 1875 Watt Ceramic Ionic Dryer



A great number of users bought it because they had seen it in hotels, and since used in hotels, it is definitely durable

Great for

  • Curly hair and loose-curly hair
  • Naturally curly hair

Also good for

  • Straight fine (that takes forever to dry)
  • Thick coarse (straightens it quickly)
  • Long
  • African-american / Mexican American
  • Bleached
  • Wavy hair (easier to get straightened with a large round boar brush)

The Andis 1875

  • Features the ionic nano-ceramic technology and a durable professional AC motor
  • Is powerful and dries hair in no time without torching it
  • Straightens hair without the extra hassle thanks to its included straightening attachment
  • Hair feels less frizzy, smoother, calmer, shinier, healthier
  • No more sweating out for 20 minutes or more
  • No more dry, brittle, straw-like, dried out mess

The Andis 1875

  • Is a classy black chrome shiny gun-metal looking model
  • Comes with a super-long (10ft!!!) thick power cord, which is a bonus and an ALCI shock protection plug
  • Has 4 heat / speed settings and a cold air button (easy to press)
  • Its noise isn’t too bad
  • Controls are located in the side of the handle (clear view)
  • Sturdy attachments to cater for all styling preferences 
  • The lint catcher is easy to get defuzzed


  • Some users it’s on the heavy side but others confirm it’s the case with all professional models due to their big motors and sturdy fans
  • The comb attachment has to be handled carefully as a lof users accidently broke it

Washed and detangled but still wet, your curls are far from being saved. Everyone has their tricks to dry their curls without scrunching them. For some, better stay loyal to the towel tradition: “I wash my hair in the evening after work. Then I leave it in a towel till bedtime, from 3 to 4 hours. When I take it off, it’s towel-dried and incredibly soft”

Also, towels allow women to apply hair care products “I let soak my hair masks and mousse for hours under a towel for my curls to preserve their tonicity”

Some women can never do without a hair dryer “I set my hair dryer to the lowest heat setting and then I attach my diffuser attachment and I’m good to go”

Two thumbs up: the best hair dryer for curly hair (with diffuser attachments) helps shape the curls without breaking them, while a “bare” hair dryer does destroy their suppleness.

Curly Hair Routine | How to “Plop” Your Hair

How to: Style Naturally Curly / Wavy Hair

 End of article

Best blow dryer For Curly Hair

A diffuser attachment – How does it work?

There are two types of attachments. One is flat like a beak, also known as a concentrator. It concentrates the heat on a small section of the hair – perfect for blow-outs. 

The other one is round, also called a diffuser, and has finger-like prongs. These are very useful when drying curly or wavy hair because they lift the strands while they are being dried giving curls and waves a more defined shape without causing frizz.

This additional accessory diffuses dry heat that is not too hot. You can then use your hair dryer even deeper in your hair.

Related article: How to Blow Dry Curly Hair with a Diffuser

I hope this article was a bit useful. In the comments area feel free to tell us about how you take care of your curly hair, problems you have, the hair dryer  you’re using and so on.

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