Best Hair Color for Fair Skin That Celebrity Approved

By colored hair expert

Sometimes, we may just need a change – instead of changing nail polish, color or clothing, why not change your hair color? Modern products are brilliant for both color and condition, and a huge improvement from the garish red, peroxide blonde or matte flat black that used to be our only options a few decades ago. But despite the wide range of colors available, the biggest challenge you will probably face is choosing the right one for your fair skin. Your hair is the frame of your face, so the right color can make your eyes pop and make your whole face come alive.

Outlined below are a few tips to help you select the best shade for fair skin.

Warm vs. Cold Tones

Many women with fair skin make the mistake of thinking that they’re cooled toned when their complexion is warm in actuality. This can lead them to making bad hair color choices, ending up with a disastrous result. When it comes to dyeing your hair, you can’t just wipe away the color and start over if you don’t like it, as you would normally do with lipstick. Toning the color down or changing it again isn’t only expensive, but also harmful to your hair, so it’s best to consider a few essential factors before choosing your hair color.

One of the most important factors is the undertone of your complexion. The simplest way to see if it’s warm or cold is holding your wrist facing up in natural (sun) light: if your veins appear greenish, you’re warm-toned, meaning your skin has yellow undertones. If they’re blue, you’re cool-toned, so your skin has pink or purple undertones.

Warm tones usually look best with warm hair colors like chocolate brunette, rich honey almond browns, golden blondes and orangeish reds. Think Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez. On the other hand, cold tones are best complemented by cold colors such as dark reds (auburn and violet), browns, beige, champagne blonde and dark cool brunette. Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton and Sophia Vergara are all good examples.

Always Take Note of Your Eye Color

Very few women consider eye color as an important factor when selecting the best hair shade for their fair skin. According to celebrity cosmeticians and professional colorists, eye color plays a big role if you want to get a look that beautifully complements your facial traits and creates a sense of balance in your look.

If your eyes are turquoise, green, golden brown or hazel with brown or gold flecks, your best bet would be a warmer hair color. If they are dark blue, gray blue, hazel, brown-black or deep brown, they look best with cool tones instead.

Best Hair Color for Fair Skin, Inspired by Celebs

Just because they frequently appear on the news, TV or tabloids, this doesn’t mean that they’re not sometimes having troubles choosing the best color for their fair skin. Luckily, they have professional colorists with a good understanding of each and every aspect that should be factored in when selecting a color. We’ve put together this list of great hair colors for fair skin, inspired by celebs!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda always knows how to sport her beautiful honey locks. They complement her warm skin very nicely, and look incredibly natural! If you have hazel-green or green eyes, go for this shade! But if you’re blue-eyed, stay away from it, as it will likely look very dull on you.

Nicole Kidman

We’ve known Nicole for decades already, and she has always surprised us with her great hair color choices. This shade of strawberry blonde is part of her signature look, making her sky blue eyes pop and complementing her cool complexion beautifully.

Anne Hathaway

There’s nothing short of spectacular of Anne’s look: her cool complexion looks just great with the brown-brunette color combo, emphasizing her best attributes very well. It’s a fail-proof choice if you have deep brown eyes like hers!

Mandy Moore

She played the role of Jamie Sullivan in “A Walk to Remember” fantastically, and she’s a natural beauty. Mandy sports a beautiful shade of coffee brown that’s in perfect harmony with her eyes. Wear this combo with a nude lip for a natural, shiny look!

Julianne Moore

She isn’t just one of the most talented Hollywood actresses we’ve ever seen, but also an artist when it comes to choosing a great hair color for her fair skin. This shade of red contrasts with her green eyes nicely, creating an effect that’s anything but dull!

Emma Watson

As the face of Lancome, Emma is one of the best examples of fair skin and sombre hair color. Her locks have natural highlights and lowlights that look marvelous, flattering her deep brown eyes in a lovely way. Her rouge lipstick completes the ensemble nicely.

Katy Perry

The singer is well-known for her deep brunette hair, which makes her green eyes pop and harmonizes with her porcelain skin. The bonbon lipstick contrasts with the eyes, making her appear sweet and giving her a Hollywood flair!

Emma Stone

She’s fair-skinned and proud of it: that’s how we like it! Whether orangeish red or pale yellow, Emma Stone knows how to complement her complexion, looking absolutely sparkly every time. She literally gives you confidence to be comfortable with your pale skin, even if you’ve got freckles.

Zhang Ziyi

One thing is for sure: Zhang Ziyi is one of the greatest Asian actresses ever. On top of everything, she’s incredibly natural: pale skin and black hair, just like an authentic Chinese woman. Her simple makeup says everything!

Charlize Theron

Charlize is possibly one of the most elegant actresses in Hollywood’s history. Her blonde locks have dark roots for dimension, which makes her even more beautiful. Pair that with her beautiful blue eyes and you’ve just got a great look!

Quick Tips for Dyeing Your Hair

Instead of deciding for yourself, talk to a professional colorist in your area. Go for an expert who specializes in color, not a permer or hairdresser, as she will be able to provide accurate advice.

Be honest with your colorist about what you’ve done to your hair in the past, e.g. dyeing, bleaching, perm, successes, failures.

Take along pictures of colors and effects that you’d like to achieve to make your description precise. What’s brown to you may be dark blonde for a colorist.

Check how much maintenance a specific color requires – if you don’t have much time to care for your hair, you’ll end up with dull-looking strands!

Ask to try hair pieces and wigs if available. They may not be the perfect fit or style, but will give you a good idea of how a specific color would look on you.

Check what happens if you don’t like the new color. Will the salon tone it down or change it after you have had a few days to get used to your new look? Will there be any extra charges?

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