Best Diffuser For Curly Hair Reviews

Best Diffuser For Curly Hair

One of the best diffusers for curly hair

Hair dryers for curly hair are now a decisive tool to have in one’s bathroom. But even the most powerful hair dryers sometimes need a little helping hand. Diffuser attachments have mainly been manufactured to replace the rather long and complicated blow-drying and help get natural looking hairstyles. Diffuser attachments diffuse gentle heat making the hair tamed, smooth and shiny as if it was done by a professional. To add more body to fine hair, just concentrate the diffuser on the roots by rotating it. For curly hair, you just have to hold the hair dryer 10 to 15 centimeters away while gently scrunching your hair with the other hand to get soft waves and allow your curls to take shape. For long hair, you’ll have to place the top of some hair strands onto the diffuser and then slide it over the whole hair length. Babyliss, Remington, and more are the main manufacturers of hair dryers with diffuser attachments. However, there are other diffusers sold separately that can adapt to the majority of hair dryers.

Women with long and/or wavy hair highly appreciate these accessories as, according to them, a diffuser is user-friendly and keeps its promises: fine hair gets more body, curly hair preserves its well-shaped curls. It’s important to note that you should a diffuser along with the lowest heat of your hair dryer.

Diffuser Benefits

Maximizes shine and decreases frizz
Defines curls or waves
Encourages natural texture
Adds body
Minimizes risk of damage

Our Tips

Towel-dry your hair with after washing it.
Attach the diffuser
Set your hair dryer to the lowest heat and gently start drying.
Make sure you lift your hair up with the help of the diffuser to add more volume. If you do the opposite, you’ll end up having dead-beat hair.
Wait for 30 seconds while gently rotating the diffuser around your hair. If the heat gets very high, blast some cool air from your cold shot button of your blow-dryer.
Take another section of your hair till the whole of your hair is almost dry. If your hair is completely dry, your hair will be prone to frizz.
Finish with a blast of cool air to lock the style into place. Be careful not to flatten your style by excessively blowing cold air.

P.S. Even more important than your diffuser is the hair dryer behind it. For more information about hair dryers and the difference a professional hair dryer will make for your hair, check out our “Hair Dryer Buying Guide“.

Collection of the best diffusers for curly hair

Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser


best-diffuser-for-curly-hair-bio-ionic-universal-diffuserKey Features And Benefits
The #1 natural ionic dryer diffuser in America
Customized for all Bio Ionic and most non Bio Ionic hair dryers Ideal for curly, wavy hair
The Bio Ionic utilises super charged NanoIonic technology to naturally emit Negative Ions and Far Infared Energy to infuse moisture deep into the hair shaft and seal the cuticle. The results are fast drying, longer-lasting, and frizz-free curls. Created for stylists by a stylist
Leaves a hair more moisture

Maintains the color and vibrancy of hair
Heat resistant, durable and lightweight
12 air outlets for faster drying time

Best Bio Ionic Hair Dryer

Bio Ionic Power Light Dryer


bio-ionic-power-light-hair-dryer 1875 watts of power for faster drying without damage Longer-lasting A.C. Motor
The Lightest, most powerful dryer ever
Negative Ions cleanse and deodorize hair while Far Infrared Heat accelerates drying time
A hardcore frizz fighter that can smooth and straighten kinky, unruly hair
Conditioning Nano Beads in the barrel for faster drying and increased conditioning
NanoIonic Mineral hydrates and conditions hair

SpeedDry Nozzle forces condensed air onto the hair and helps accelerate the drying process
Use the nozzle for drying and styling without damaging fine and more delicate hair

Solano Universal Finger Softstyler


81Aeh-NFqsL._SX522_ Ideal for longer curly hair styles
Designed to fit all Solano hair dryers
and most commercially available hair dryers
Unique hair dryer diffuser with finger extenders to help create softness. Enhances volume and style control
Ideal for longer curly hair styles
Enhances volume and style control
Finger softstylers lift hair for drying without frizz.
Fits all Solano professional dryers
5.6 by 5.8 by 6 inches

Hot Sock Diffuser


hot-sock-diffuser-best-diffuser-for-curly-hair The Hot Stock slips over the blow dryer nozzle, and should extend 2 to 4 inches beyond the end of the dryer
Perfect for permed, naturally curly, or wavy hair

Keeps hair looking healthy…
Great for quick-drying roller sets
Good for salon, travel, or home use
Fits virtually every size blow dryers
Ultra light diffuser that prevents heat damage and gives you better overall diffusion
Made of soft, flexible lightweight foam


Babyliss Conair Pro Interchangeable 3-in-1 Diffuser


best-diffuser-for-curly-hair-bio-ionic-universal-diffuser1 Best for curly, permed or naturally wavy hair
Conair pro interchangeable 3 in 1 diffuser is a universal attachment that fits most dryers
Evenly distrubutes air for gentler drying
Interchangable heads easily twist into place
Maintaines curl without frizz
Fingers gently lift hair to boost volume and allow more air circulation
Greatly Minimizes heat damage
Enhanced curls without frizz
Superior to heat lamps
More efficient, fast drying
7 x 5.5 x 6 inches ; 5 ounces

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