Best Blow Dryer for African American Hair – Black Natural Hair



Today, I’m going to be reviewing some of the best blow dryers for African American hair / natural hair in 2020.

There’s no denying that African American or natural hair in general is really unique. For the most part, the western hair industry only caters to other hair types for a long time.

And what makes things even more complicated is there’s so much diversity within the natural hair community.

So, the one-size-fits-all approach really does not apply to people with African American hair. There are many beneficial ways to use heat on your hair and the use of heat could be that missing piece to help you achieve your goals.

Before we start…

Did you know that a lot of women with natural, African American, kinky, curly hair have found comfort in hooded hair dryers? They’re also one of the best blow dryers for black hair.

They are gentler on the hair because they dry it evenly, prevent frizz, and give you the ability to multitask while waiting for your hair to dry. Isn’t that beautiful!

Check these great sit-under hair dryers 

Dyson SuperSonic Blow Dryer



In short, the Dyson hair dryer on African American hair does wonders.

  • 1600-watt powerful Dyson digital motor V9 with Air Multiplier technology for impressive airflow and really fast drying without damaging your hair
  • Features sensors to self-monitor and optimize the heat for your hair’s level of wetness
  • 4 heat settings (176°F regular drying, 140°F gentle drying, 212°F fast drying and styling)
  • 3 speed settings (fast drying, regular drying, gentle drying)
  • Control settings glow for easy accessibility. They are positioned in a way you never accidentally change settings
  • Has an 82°F true cool shot button
  • Does not have a fan and your hair won’t get sucked
  • Comes with a really durable and secure magnetic diffuser (game-changer), a smoothing nozzle, and a styling concentrator
  • Dries your hair insanely fast without burning your scalp or frying your hair
  • Negative ions reduce static and frizz and help you get soft, silky, perfectly straight results
  • It’s ergo dynamic, compact, lightweight and balanced (it won’t cause your arm to hurt), and easy to maneuver
  • It’s acoustically tuned thanks to the SuperSonic technology proven to reduce noise effectively
  • Has a 2-year manufacturer

Because of this hair dryer’s high price tag, let’s find out why you’d be willing to spend so much on a hair dryer.

To sum it up, the Dyson combines the desire to have healthy hair with many women’s impatience for doing their hair.

If you’re committed and excited about your natural hair journey, you want to see your hair thrive, but you also want to have fun with it along the way.

Because of that, you’ll need a tool that you’re not going to be afraid to use because of the damage it would cause.

The Dyson is built in a way that is healthy hair conscious. Another reason is if you’re a busy person and you do not want to spend hours upon hours drying your and stretching your hair.

So if the process of doing your hair is not an enjoyable or comfortable experience, the Dyson offers you the speed, reliability, and convenience that would really suit everyone’s busy schedules.

True Heat

This Dyson hair dryer has incredible heat control meaning that medium heat actually is medium heat, and you know what I’m talking about.

Most hair dryers for African American hair in the market have low heat, high heat, and a cool blast. The medium setting is basically just either super low or super high.

The Dyson actually offers heat options in between, which kind of makes your hair super moisturized, shiny and healthy.

That goes not only for when you’re using the diffuser attachment but also when you’re using the comb attachment as well.


The Dyson is super lightweight and comfortable to hold, which makes it a pleasure to use. When you’ve got thick coarse hair, it makes a huge difference in your overall experience.

This hair dryer is going to dry your hair without frizzing it up, and when you want to straighten your hair, the Dyson gets it pretty sleek without drying it out.

Last but not least, the Dyson Supersonic is super compact to travel with.

So, do I think it’s worth the money? 100% yes. It’s definitely a healthy investment for your hair.


  • The cord is big and bulky not as easy to wrap up and store.
  • Expensive

RevAir Reverse Air Blow Dryer



  • No longer dread doing your hair, no longer worry about combs breaking down on day one, no more sweating, no more walking around with wet hair
  • 800-watt innovative motor
  • High temperature (800 watts) and low temperature (400 watts)
  • Level O: cool shot option (for finishing and sealing in shine), Level I: 158°F/70°C (for fine hair), Level II: 220°F/105°C (fast drying and straightening)
  • Cuts down drying time by 50%
  • Dries your hair closer to the roots without scorching your scalp
  • Perfect blend of warm and cool air leaves your hair shiny, smooth, not dried out, moisturized, frizz-free, and healthy
  • Straightens your hair with less heat using only one hand
  • Your hair won’t get burned or overprocessed
  • Has a washable/reusable stainless steel filter
  • Unintended side effect: sucks dandruff off of your scalp

This strange-looking hair dryer uses its power in the reversed direction. Essentially, it pulls your hair into this long tube at a tension level that you can decide on using the dial and the heat setting that you also decide on.

There are 3 heat settings that you can choose from depending on what you’re going for.

Protect your Scalp

You’re going to get the RevAir if you’ve started to become a little bit more concerned about the lasting effects of heat on your scalp and hair.

This investment is really more about your scalp health because the reversing of the air means that you won’t have to blast your scalp with heat. It would be going in the opposite direction.

The usage of this hair dryer is also very low manipulation. Once your hair gets suctioned through, you just stay like that. It’s not like passing a comb attachment through a hundred times. This is really helpful because of that line of demarcation where your hair would typically break.

You’re going to be shocked by how well this RevAir dryer works. There would be times that you would just walk right out of the door after using it because of how straight and sleek your hair would be.

Even at that level of straightness, your hair will still be very moisturized and very soft.

The benefits to your scalp are honestly priceless. You wouldn’t deal with nearly as much flaking or itchiness that you would have before using this hair dryer.

A Bit Bulky

The only gripe about this hair dryer is how big and heavy it is. You’re going to need to dedicate a whole big crate just to store it.

Even when you’re using it, you’re going to have to do all kinds of acrobatics just to be able to hold it in place long enough.

Even though this RevAir hair dryer straightens your hair without drying it out, I would still say that the Dyson is a better investment at that high price point because it’s just a lot more versatile.

But if you plan on a long transition where you might do some blown out hair styles, I would say that the RevAir is a good investment especially if you want to protect your hair from drying itchy scalp.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Blow Dryer



Babyliss is the benchmark for hair dryers for many people. Founded in 1961, Babyliss is the brand behind the first curling iron and has since explored various areas of the beauty world, from epilators to hair dryers and clippers.

Thanks to its wide range of products and a price range that suits all budgets, the brand has established itself as a market leader.

  • This is the exact same blow dryer lots of salons trust
  • 2000-watt powerful AC motor
  • Produces just the right amount of heat to dry your hair quickly but effectively without frying your scalp
  • Ionic with Nano Titanium technology allows air to penetrate more deeply into your wet hair
  • Produces gentle heat and leaves your hair really shinier, healthier, smoother, and softer with no frizz, heat damage, or increased split ends
  • Improves the texture of dry, color-damaged hair
  • Dries your hair really fast and saves your wrists
  • Adjustable 6 heat/speed settings. Buttons are well-placed and difficult to turn unintentionally
  • Great cold shot option to help you set the style you want
  • 2 high-quality ultra-thin 60-70 mm nozzles
  • Nozzles easily rotate for ease of use
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to handle
  • Has a high-quality build and a soft-touch rubberized finish
  • Has a removable stainless-steel filter for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Has an 8ft heavy-duty tangle-free cord
  • 4-year warranty

DevaCurl Devadryer & Diffuser



  • Powerful 1600 watts AC motor ensures quicker drying and diffusing
  • Only 110 voltage
  • Ionic technology to prevent frizz and flyaways, boost volume and cut down on drying time without heat damage
  • 3 heat and 2-speed settings for great drying and styling possibilities
  • A cool shot button that you won’t have to hold down
  • Comes with an innovative patented 5-finger shaped DevaFuser for 360-degree airflow and a concentrator nozzle
  • The diffuser also lets you dry your roots only if don’t want to dry your ends.
  • Quite compared to standard hair dryers (but not super quiet)
  • Approximately 9ft cord.
  • Protective cord strain relief
  • Has an ergonomic design and it’s the perfect size for travel
  • 1-year warranty


One of the cooler features of this DevaCurl hair dryer is the innovative hand-shaped attachment. This attachment allows you to sort of get to your roots without having to dry out your ends.

So the fact that you can really decide where you want to place the heat is a very unique feature of this dryer. And again, because of the diffuser attachment, you can get in there and dry your roots without having to strip your ends of all moisture.

It has that classic blow dryer build, but the construction of it is really solid. Of the many regular classic blow dryer models, this Deva hair dryer has one of the better heat control out there.

Something about this dryer just feels gentle on your hair. It’s not that kind of super-hot cheap hair frying air that’s very uncomfortable and makes you feel like you’re damaging your hair.

When used properly, the DevaCurl can dry your wash-and-go really fast. It also has a cool blast, which is really helpful and the buttons are also hard and they’re not as easily switched as many other dryers, which makes for a much more comfortable and stress-free experience.

Is it worth the money?

If you have loose curly hair or wavy hair that you like to wear in its natural state, then I would say that the DevaCurl is a really good option for you against the Dyson.

I don’t actually think that you would need to spend more on the Dyson because the Deva will give you about great results for about half the price.

And again, if your hair is a little bit looser, it’s going to be a little bit easier for you to actually get to your roots.

Actually, you don’t have to buy the whole dryer. You can just buy the hand attachment separately and use it on the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium, the Revlon 1875 total styler, the Vidal Sassoon 1875, and the T3 ionic.

For super-thick natural hair, it might be a little bit difficult to use this attachment in the way that it’s intended.

Rusk Super Freak Ceramic & Tourmaline Blow Dryer



  • 2000-watt Italian AC motor for superior airflow and air pressure
  • 7 heat & speed settings with sliding switches (settings cover anything your hair might need)
  • Adds volume at the roots without frizzing your hair out
  • Cold shot button
  • The grill is infused with tourmaline and ceramic that dries your hair evenly and lets you dry your hair safely
  • Far-infrared heat dries your hair faster and straighter, combats frizz and static electricity
  • Ionic generator produces negative ions that help enhance the vitality of your hair and leaves your hair softer, shinier and healthier
  • Comes with 2 nozzles (no diffuser) to improve the airflow concentration so you don’t overheat and sweat
  • Great for thick colored hair
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to handle and lighter than standard hair dryers, which is great news for weak shoulders and arms
  • Pretty quiet
  • Has a silicone soft-touch finish which makes it hard to fall off your counter
  • 8 to 9ft thick cord
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • 2-year warranty

Twin Turbo 3200 Ceramic & Ionic Professional Hair Dryer



  • It’s the same dryer used in Dominican shops and it’s one of the best hair dryers for blowouts on natural hair
  • Powerful 1900-watts k-lamination motor that has a 2000-hour lifespan
  • Comes with a concentrator attachment and an amazing diffuser
  • 72 m³/h of airflow for really fast drying
  • Has anti-overheating properties
  • Adjustable 2 fan speed and 4 heat settings
  • Buttons are easy to access and hard to turn off accidentally
  • An instant cool blast to lock in the style
  • Ionic and ceramic technologies dry your hair evenly and fast, lay your roots down, open your cuticles keeping your hair smooth and healthy
  • Does not dry out, frizz out, tangle, or fry your hair
  •  Saves you the perm pain because your hair won’t shrink
  • Sturdy, really durable, and easy to use and handle
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable stainless steel lint filter
  • 9ft heavy-duty professional cord
  • 1-year warranty


A bit heavy

Red by Kiss 1875 ProW Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer



This is one of the best blow dryers for 4c hair and one of the best hair dryers for African American hair with comb.

  • 1875-watt high-rotation DC motor
  • Comes with 4 super durable attachments for multiple salon results: a concentrator nozzle, a diffuser, a single detangling comb, a double-layered detangling comb
  • The attachments are secure and don’t fall off even on 4c hair because they fit around the outside of the dryer
  • 3 heats and 2 speeds with rocker switches
  • Cool shot button to lock your style in place
  • You can basically do a heatless blow-out
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology produces negatively charged ions to dry your hair fast, tidy the cuticle, combat frizz, seal in moisture, protect your hair from heat damage, and promote shinier, smoother, more manageable and heathy hair
  • The outside does not get too hot to touch
  • Has a removable filter for easy cleaning to maximize the life of the motor
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Very affordable but powerful
  • Has a hanging loop for convenient storage
  • 2-year warranty

FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 Tourmaline Ceramic



  • 2000-watt super powerful high-velocity AC motor with Exclusive Proprietary Nano-Fuzeion Technology
  • 3 Heat Settings (cool, warm, high)
  • 2 Fan speed settings (low, high)
  • Comes with a curl defining diffuser, a straightening comb with two sets of teeth, a concentrator nozzle, and a storage bag
  • True cold shot button to set your style
  • Tourmaline, ceramic, and gentle far infrared heat eliminates static, reduces frizz, repels humidity, locks in moisture, prevents heat damage, dries your hair fast, evenly and effectively, and creates a healthy natural shine
  • Dries and straightens Afro-textured hair effectively, which means less flat ironing
  • Low EMF (electro magnetic field)
  • Really quiet (78.6 dB)
  • 12ft heavy-duty power cord
  • Removable air filter for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

FHI listened to women around the globe and they took all of those genius elements of a professional dryer and brought it to the home version.

However, FHI did not skinny on any of those professional components and actually made a lighter hair dryer. It’s perfectly weight-balanced and it minimizes fatigue when you’re holding your it at arm’s length.

How Tourmaline Ceramic Works

As you already know, the FHI Platform Nano features the tourmaline ceramic technology that FHI is kind of famous for.

Healthy hair begins inside the tool. Professional grade materials like tourmaline ceramic infuse negative ions into the hair producing high-caliber, high-shine results.

When compared to standard hair dryers, the FHI Nano Salon Pro is a powerhouse. As the air is pulled through the high-efficiency motor, the coils and tourmaline ceramic mix with the air steadily warming and charging it with negative ions that condition and protect your hair.

Traditional heat overpowers and boils the moisture out of the hair leaving dry damaged cuticles.

The tourmaline ceramic heat of FHI hair dryers breaks down water molecules into smaller particles to penetrate allowing the hair to maintain essential moisture.

Why do you need that especially going in the fall and winter? Static. Everybody hates static.

Tourmaline ceramic is also great for colored hair. If you are using hair dryers that are too hot without protective technology, colored hair can get dull and lose its shine.

So, the tourmaline ceramic technology pushes the moisture back into your hair, which minimizes drying time drastically.

FHI Cool Shot Button

The FHI’s cool shot button is really cold. When you take that cuticle and heat it up, it gets open. And if you don’t seal it with true cold air, you don’t lock it down.

That means when you walk outside and it’s raining or snowing, your hair puffs because your cuticle is open and it is reaching for something.

And if you transform your hair from curly to straight, it’s going to lock in perfectly with that cool blast.

FHI Diffuser

The FHI comes with their world-famous diffuser. So, ladies with African American hair, I want you to pay close attention.

Most diffusers have the air vent only coming straight up, but with the FHI, they put those air vents inside the exact spikes themselves.

Why is that important?

With standard diffusers, the air travels up the cuticle, throws your cuticle out and your hair looks frizzy and the curl is not set.

Again, the FHI diffuser has the air vents inside the spikes. That way, the airflow almost envelops around the curl giving that beautiful tourmaline ceramic heat.

What does a curl need? It needs moisture. How does it stay springy and bouncy? Moisture. So, the FHI Nano’s diffuser is going to get you in and get you out without frizz.

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Blow Dryer



I know how it feels when you go to the salon and get beautiful sleek shiny hair only to back to ‘Frizzville’ once you’ve washed your hair. NOT with this tough black hair dryer from Babyliss.

A lot of women possess a Babyliss straightener and it’s one of their absolute favorites. So, if you want a hair dryer that does wonders like the straightener, the Babyliss Pro has got you covered.

  • Trusted by hairdressers, barbers, and clients everywhere
  • 2000-watt AC motor for superb performance
  • It’s very strong (if you are really sensitive to heat, this is strong for you)
  • Reduces blow drying by more than half the time
  • Heats and dries your thick African American hair very quickly
  • Performs fabulously with a round brush
  • Great for color-treated hair
  • Depending on your hair, you might not need your flat iron with the Babyliss Ceramix
  • Comes with an 8mm concentrator nozzle to perfectly center the air on certain spots of your hair
  • 2 speeds settings: low and high & 3 heat settings: cool, warm, and hot.
  • A cool shot sets your style. It’s truly cold and not just room temperature air
  • Porcelain Ceramic technology for even gentle heat distribution
  • Far infrared technology protects your hair from heat damage
  • Ionic technology produces negative ions to reduce static electricity and frizz, and gives smooth, noticeably shiny, healthy-looking salon results.
  • The power makes styling your hair easy
  • It’s versatile and engineered to stand up the test of time
  • Has a very sturdy rubberized housing and it’s comfortable to handle
  • 9ft professional grade cord
  • Removable lint screen that’s easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty

Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Hair Dryer



Great for

  • African-American hair, kinky hair, painful coily hair
  • Afro-Caribbean hair, coarse, frizzy, stubborn hair
  • Hair full of both spiral curls and waves
  • Hair that tends to shrink almost 75%
  • If you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair
  • Thick, curly hair (beautifully blows it straight)
  • Fine hair (gives it more volume by directing the heat at the roots giving it better lift)
  • Thin straight hair, chemically treated hair
  • 1875 Watts
  • No longer spend a lot of time taming the frizz created by your hair dryer
  • Dries, straightens, and styles the hair in 1/2 the time
  • Distributes the heat evenly
  • Leaves your hair smooth, silky, super soft, shiny, and frizz-free without drying out or burning it
  • Offers a nice blow-dryer and styler combo that comes with a whopping 5-year warranty
  •  Features 3 heat (low, medium, and high) and 2 fan speeds
  • Dual voltage (110-120V / 220-240V), which is a super cool option for your vacations overseas
  • Comes with three styling attachments (act as a barrier between the heat and the hair): a boar bristle brush (speeds up the drying time and great for fine hair and essential to a less frizzy and smoother blow-dry) and two combs (wide and narrow-toothed)
  • Has a spring-loaded cool button
  • Has a 6ft long cord
  • Has a fabulous goldish straight body design, which is much better than the “L” shaped dryer making it easier to control, more comfortable to hold, and lighter
  • Quieter than most hair dryers and doesn’t overheat
  • Well-made and vibration-free and easy on the wallet

Last but not least, the Andis comes with the best blow dryer brush for black natural hair.


  • A bit bulky for those with tiny hands
  • Some have found the boar bristle brush to be a bit soft

Infinity Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Dryer



Great for:

  • All types of natural, African American, kinky, curly, wavy, and coily hair
  • Relaxed hair, caucasian hair, thick coarse hair
  • Thin straight hair (adds style and volume)
  • Dry hair, frizzy hair, colored hair
  • Fine thin hair (blow dry upside down at low heat to smooth it out and give it more body)
  • Perfect for those who can’t dry and use a round brush at the same time
  • Helps dry straight, tame frizz, and add volume to the most stubborn hair with less effort
  • Leaves your hair a lot bouncy, soft, shiny, sleek, flexible, voluminous, frizz-free, and without fly-aways
  • Does not burn, dry out, rake through, break or leave your hair overly dry and crunchy
  • Helps you blow your curly hair straight without a round brush!!! (removes the tangles and loosens the curl easily)
  • Marries the renowned Ionic technology with a tourmaline ceramic-coated grill and dries the hair pretty fast with less damage to the hair and scalp
  • Can dry the roots without the attachments (keep it 3 to 4 inches away from your scalp)
  • 125/250v AC 60Hz 1875W (high powered, well-made and durable dryer)
  • Features two heat/speed settings and a cool shot (you have to keep pressing)
  • Dual voltage (has a universal converter switch located on the side of the handle which is preset to 125 volts and can be switched to 250 volts)
  • Comes with 3 attachments: 1 double comb (2 rows), 1 single comb (wide-toothed – each tooth is about 1/4″ apart), and 1 brush (pretty stiff bristles / hard and plastic-y)
  • Comb attachments help dry quickly, stretch, and relax the hair without pulling it and without leaving any tangles
  • Brush attachment ensures a better distribution of heat all the way through
  • All the attachments help get most of the kinkiness out of the hair and they snap on firmly and hold securely
  • Has a compact hatchet/comb-like design, which makes it easy to manage and travel with
  • Very lightweight (head alone weighs 1lbs. The whole (brush + cable) weighs about 1.3 lbs)
  • A flat swivel cord that doesn’t get all twisted up
  • 4-year warranty


  • Cord is short (about 2f)

How to Choose the Best Blow Dryer for African American Hair

I’m going to show you some details to look for when shopping for a blow dryer.

Hopefully, by the end of this section, you’ll be a lot more confident with the decision of what kind of hair dryer is best for you.

Standard Blow Dryers 

The basic blow dryer is very simple. It has a motorized fan in the back that sucks air into the blow dryer through the metal heating coils and out the front as hot air.

You’re basically just blowing hot air on your hair, nothing fancy, very simple.

Standard Hair Dryers vs Regular Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers also have a fan in the back that sucks air in through hot coils and out the front.

The difference is that ionic blow dryers have additional materials in them like ceramic, porcelain, titanium, tourmaline, or even pearls. These materials get activated when heated and shoot out negative ions on your hair.

This is great because unlike basic blow dryers, rather than just spitting out hot air which basically heats up your hair layer by layer until it’s dry causing a lot of damage to your outer cuticles, the negative ionic charged heat produced by ionic blow dryers dries your hair a lot faster.

It does this in two ways…

First, certain types of ionic blow dryers emit deep penetrating infrared heat that has long penetrating waves that direct the strongest part of this heat to the inner layers of your hair first basically drying your hair from the inside out.

The negative ions produced by ionic blow dryers also break up groups of water molecules so the hot air can evaporate them faster.

With the inner layers of your hair dried first and water being evaporated quicker, it takes a shorter time to blow dry your hair and your cuticle layers get to avoid excessive drying and damage.

Another great benefit of ionic hair dryers, especially for natural hair, is that even though our hair naturally gives off a negative and positive charge due to over manipulating and plain-old damage, negative ions are constantly being stripped from our hair causing it to become frizzy, wiry, and hard to manage.

So, the negative ions coming out of your blow dryer help to replenish a negative charge of your hair resulting in smoother more relaxed and flexible cuticle layers.

What I really want you to pay attention to is that both regular and ionic hair dryers cause some level of damage.

So, even though the ionic blow dryer provides additional benefits, it’s still very important not to overuse it and to be cautious when using it.

Are All Ionic Hair Dryer the Same?

Not all ionic blow dryers are created equally. Some add ion producing materials as an attachment to the inside of the front nozzle. Others infuse it into the inner tube of the blow dryer and some even coat the heated coils with it.

These are all great options and, if used correctly, can benefit the overall health and appearance of your hair.

But, if you had to pick one over the others, I would pick a blow dryer that has the ionic material on or as the heating coil.

Here’s why …


The heating coil in a regular blow dryer is made of metal. The problem with metal is that it doesn’t hold heat evenly and consequently, it heats up your hair unevenly, which creates hot spots that inflict excessive damage to isolated sections of your hair. That’s what you don’t want.

Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium

When shopping for a blow dryer, look for one that either has ceramic-coated heating coils preferably infused with tourmaline, or a blow dryer with titanium heating coils.

Ceramic & Titanium

Overall, these two options are really good, but they have their differences. A ceramic coat infused with tourmaline distributes heat evenly and releases negative ions.

The main difference is that ceramic has a unique ability to lower its temperature in response to the surrounding temperature, which is an added benefit to avoid heat damage.


Hair dryers with a titanium heating coil also heat evenly and release the most negative ions. The main difference is that they get really hot really fast.

So, if you’re not fully paying attention, it’s easier to overdo it and experience heat damaged, but it will make your hair smoother, shinier, and less staticky.

Blow dryers with titanium heating coils were originally created with professional hairstylists in mind because they’re lighter weight, make it easier for stylists to hold them all day, and their consistent high temperature shortens the drying time for each client.

Titanium blow dryers are powerful. It’s important to be fully present and to overdo things when you’re using them to stretch your natural hair.

It takes a completely different mentality to use blow dryers to stretch natural hair. Your goals and technique are way different and a little more complicated.

Also, you have to be a lot more conscious throughout the process and always remind yourself until it becomes a habit that you’re just stretching your hair and not straightening it.

As a reminder, you don’t have to stretch your hair for it to be healthy. That’s what’s so wonderful or unique about natural hair because it’s limitless and it can do anything.

It’s a good idea to step outside the box and try different things. So, I hope you overcome any fears associated with this simple tool enough to analyze it and use it to your benefit.

Now that you’ve got all the details, here’s an easy-to-digest overview of blow dryer options.



The basic hair dryer would do the job of drying your hair and is the cheapest option, but it can potentially inflict the most damage.

A blow dryer with a heating coil that’s coated and ceramic and infused with tourmaline is the safest option because it produces a more controlled heat temperature.

A blow dryer with a titanium coil produces the most amount of beneficial negative ions and dries your hair quicker for best results, but it gets really hot really quickly.

So, you have to pay more attention to it and really know what you’re doing.

Other Features of a Good Blow Dryer for African American Hair

Now that you know the importance of ionic hair dryers, there are other important features a hair dryer for afro hair should have.

Wattage & Power

The wattage determines how powerful the airflow is and how hot the blow dryer can get. Both are equally important. So, try not to focus just on finding a blow dryer with the highest wattage.

An ideal blow dryer is one that has a feature where you can control the airflow and the heat levels separately to avoid heat damage.

It doesn’t have to be a button with a screen. It can be a dial or switch. Just keep in mind, the more settings, the better.

For the purpose of stretching your natural hair, a hair dryer with a max wattage of 1800 to 2000 is more than enough.

Before using a blow dryer with a higher wattage, do your research and have a clear understanding of blow dryers. Know your hair and understand how much heat it can handle.

Cool Blast & Attachments

An ideal blow dryer should also have a cold blast feature and attachments, especially a concentrator nozzle.

Condenser or concentrator nozzles create a more concentrated airflow so you have more control over which section of your hair to expose to heat at a time.

They also keep your hair further away from the hot coils in the blow dryer, which is a bonus.

Final Tips

  • Natural hair is fragile and breaks easily
  • Round boar bristle brushes work great with chemically relaxed African-American hair, yet may not work great with extremely curly natural hair
  • Extremely curly natural hair does require you have a ceramic barrel brush with reinforced plastic bristles, a medium-toothed comb, or a paddle brush.
  • Blow drying highly textured African American hair is easily done with a “pik” comb styling attachment.
  • Natural hair traps more water, so shake or squeeze it to remove the excess moisture from your coils.
  • If you prefer regular hair dryers over stylers, do attach a diffuser to protect your fragile hair from harsh, direct heat

That pretty much wraps this best blow dryer for African American natural hair post. I hope you’ve learned something new today.

Do you use heat in your hair?

If so, how and how often?

Have you never used heat or stopped using heat? why?

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