Barrel Curling Irons – Which Size Is Right For You?

Barrel Curling Irons

barrel curling iron

Some of the most popular and versatile styling tools are barrel curling irons. The barrel is the part of the iron that you use to curl your hair. When shopping for a new curling iron you will notice they come in a variety of sizes. Choosing the right size barrel is crucial when it comes to achieving your preferred style. The smallest barrels are usually one-half to three-fourths of an inch in diameter. They are perfect for creating tight curls and perfect spirals. However using them can be time consuming because hair should be done in small sections with this type of iron.

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Of course, you can do random strands of hair with a small iron for a tousled, textured look. This works especially well if your hair is already naturally wavy or curly. You can do the pieces around your face and leave the back undone if it has a wavy or curly texture already. The next size up in barrels is the traditional one inch. This is the standard size curling iron that can be used to create both small curls and medium sized waves depending on the size of the sections you are curling. You can also use an iron of this size to smooth the surface of hair and give it a nice bend.

The biggest irons are over one inch in diameter. They are not going to give you tight curls, rather they help you achieve smooth, bouncy waves. If your hair is naturally straight and you just want to give it some body, a giant barrel curling iron can do just that. Now, if your hair is curly and you want to relax it a bit, a giant barrel curling iron can do that also. Therefore it is a tool that most women should have in their drawer.

Now that you know more about barrel curling irons, let’s discuss heat protection. Even the expensive new ceramic irons can damage hair if a heat protectant spray or serum isn’t applied prior to styling. A heat protectant product actually works in conjunction with the iron to seal moisture into the hair and seal the cuticle, imparting a smooth finish whether your strands are straight, wavy or curly. In addition to curling irons, you may also want to look at some of the flat irons that straighten and curl for more versatility.

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