Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and V2:
Hot-Rod Hair Dryer Puts Vroom in Your Groom

We would absolutely like our hair to dry quickly. However, despite the achievements of hair dryer manufacturers, somehow things slip through – either hair dryers are slow, less performant or lack some decisive features. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – Babyliss Pro Volare V1 Babyliss Pro Volare V2 have been wholly manufactured in Italy by Ferrari. Their components are high-quality and reliable and these tools are equipped with AC V12 engine with a capacity of 2200 Watts. It’s then easy to imagine how powerful these Babyliss Pro VOLARE V1 and Babyliss Pro VOLARE V2 are.

Powerful, long lasting motor

They can reach an unrivaled and unprecedented level of performance. Their Ferrari Motor guarantees 2000 hours of drying, contrary to conventional hair dryers that do not live beyond 600 hours.

best babyliss nano titanium hair dryer volare V2100% made in Italy. it’s designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components in collaboration with FERRARI. It has achieved a very high level of performance never before seen in hair dryer motors. This AC V12 Motor provides reliability and ruggedness and was exclusively made for Babyliss Pro Volare Hair Dryers.

Babyliss Pro VOLARE V1 and V2: lots of advantages …

Did you know this? Babyliss, the leader in professional styling and hairdressing accessories and babylis pro volare ferrariFerrari, the world car elite, have fused together to bring forth an exclusively designed appliance with exceptional performance specifically constructed to maximize its airflow. They also worked hard to minimize its weight and vibration in order to optimize fast drying and long lasting styling effect. This is unprecedented.

The final result is absolutely stunning:  a stator with 15 mm of thickness and 50 mm in diameter ensures a good level of airflow throughout the hair and an ultra-fast drying speed, 80.77 mile/hour. Another advantage is its weight: 1.16 lbs. So it’s featherweight and can be taken everywhere with no worries.


Pleasant, comfortable and easy handling is guaranteed thanks to the Volare’s ergonomic and aesthetic design. Its motor is pleasantly quiet thanks to the ball bearing-based design. The cool shot option is ensured  by a turbine which operates independently of resistances.

Babyliss Pro VOLARE: A world hair dryer champion

Through an intense air pressure and a turbo function, Volare hair dryers are able to trigger an acceleration of the air for very high-speed hair drying. A 9.18 feet tangle free power cord facilitates electrical connection. The Volare is without any doubt the world champion of professional hair dryers. Furthermore, 6 heat and speed settings allow you to adjust the heat and speed to match your hair type and the kind of hairstyling you are looking for.

The Babyliss Pro Volare is available in two models: V1 the big model and V2 the small one and two colors: black or red

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Babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer Volare V1 Full-size Red


Two words: Ferrari Motor

Works great with

  • Curlycurlycurly hair that defies the laws of physics. A lot of women have rediscovered the joy of
    drying and styling their hair after 10 to 30 years of “I’m-done-with-hair-dryers”. Others no longer leave their hair curly or pull it up in a bun
  • kinky curly hair
  • Long, thick, coarse hair
  • Long, thick, wavy hair (takes 20 mns to dry straight and beautifully)
  • Fine hair (helps create more volume) 
  • Frizzy hair
  • Highlighted hair

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare V1

  • Is built with a 2000 watt, powerful FERRARI motor that dries the hair quickly and evenly even on low heat (which is a plus). Yet it does not blow like a tornado
  • Cuts the drying, styling and frustration time in half
  • Guarantees sleek blowouts and smooth, shiny, manageable, bouncy healthy looking hair thanks to its Tri port ionic generator
  • Tames even the hardest frizz until you wash your hair again
  • Does not dry out the hair
  • Saves you the money you waste on expensive harmful Brazilian Blowouts to get your hair straight
  • Will help you get the results you get from your professional hairstylist
  • No more flat iron required

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare V1

  • Is manufactured in Italy - the land of great quality hair tools, and comes with a 4 year warranty
  • It's a phenomenal hair dryer because: it's tremendously powerful, its Ferrari motor is incomparable, it gives great airflow and heat, it produces a fairly narrow stream of strong air without being abrasive, it features a turbo feature that offers significant air velocity (increases airflow to another 15%)
  • Features 6 temp/speed combinations. High / Low / Cool
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (one 70mm for making waves and one 60mm for straightening)
  • Has a 9f long pliable, heavy duty power cord with a built-in safety breaker
  • Has a professional sturdy housing
  • Is 1.16 pounds, quite well balanced with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable for all hand sizes. This fabulous weight distribution is perfect your arms won't wear out
  • Is very quiet (81.8 DB) compared to how powerful it is


  • A lot of people wonder why such a wonderful hair dryer doesn't have a cool shot button. I don't think Babyliss worked this hard to forget this option as all of their models have it. They put the cool air button together with the other heat buttons and it blows cool air to lock any style in place.
  • The location of the buttons seem to bother some users
  • A lot of people buy this hair dryer to find out it doesn't suit their hair type. You did well read reviews like ours to see what others complain about before making your purchase

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Volare V2 Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury Mid Sized


babyliss nano titanium volare V2

By Stoney Peaches from Amazon
(...) V2 has the perfect combination of heat and airflow, and the cool temp actually blows cool air. My hair dries and styles faster with the V2 than the Sedu. Made in Italy. Four year warranty. My search for the perfect dryer is over

Works great with

  • Very curly hair (smooths it dry quickly)
  • Long thick hair that is always a pain to dry (cuts the drying time by more than half)
  • Fine and baby fine hair (dries it blindingly fast and gives it more volume)
  • Wavy hair
  • Frizzy hair 
  • Chemically-treated hair
  • Dry hair: Consider using a hydrating product prior to blow drying

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare V2

  • Features a so powerful 2200 watt motor that it dries the hair fast even on medium heat (without using too much heat which means less heat damage)
  • No more frizz, frizz control products, fly-aways, tangles or flat iron touch-ups
  • Its negative ion generator helps close the cuticle layer and guarantees less moisture loss and more shiny, sliky, soft results with
  • Helps you get salon style blowouts everytime you feel like it

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare V2

  • Is manufactured in Italy and comes with a 4 year warranty
  • Is perfect for home and for travel ( it's easy to maneuver, ultra-compact (0.54f outlet to filter) and the strongest travel-size blow dryer)
  • as 6 heat/speed combinations
  • Has a great concentrated powerful airstream
  • Is noticebly dog-approved quiet for how powerful it is (has more of whoosh shound than typical shrill)
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (one 70mm for making waves and one 60mm for straightening)
  • Has a 9f round, tangle-free heavy duty long cord
  • Is Well-made and feels light in the hand
  • It's back screen is easy to clean
  • Is shipped in a fancy box and the unit inside has a beautiful red color color


  • As with the V1 above, the V2 does not have a separate cool shot button. Instead, there's a cool 'turbo shot' where a 'cool shot' is located
  • Some users complain it's a bit heavy but that's because they have never used professional hair dryers. Professional models are not as light as cheapo plastic ones

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