Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and V2


Today, I’m going to be reviewing two of the most luxurious hair dryers you can ever imagine, the Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and the Babyliss Pro Volare V2 with Ferrari engine.

If you have long thick hair, I guess the majority of the hair dryers you’ve been using wouldn’t get you that salon finish you would want.

Obviously, we’re never going to get as good as a hair dresser, but with standard hair dryers, you could never get the sleekness or the hold you’re looking for.

So, a powerful hair dryer would cut down your drying time and really lock in your style, enter Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and V2.

Hot-Rod Hair Dryer Puts Vroom in Your Room

Historic Collaboration

Did you know this?

Basically, what makes these Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and Volare V2 really special is Babyliss, the leader in professional styling and hairdressing accessories, and Ferrari, the world car elite, have fused together to bring forth an exclusively designed tool with exceptional performance specifically constructed to maximize airflow and performance.

Babyliss is the leading manufacturer of high-quality professional hair equipment with record sales in more than 100 countries, becoming the driving force behind the professional beauty industry.

So, the expertise of Babyliss Pro and Ferrari resulted in a luxurious, high-performance professional hair dryer with exceptional features to:

  • Guarantee fast optimized hair drying
  • Long-lasting styling effect
  • Maximum airflow
  • Minimal weight and reduced vibrations

Babyliss Pro Volare V1 vs V2 Review


The Babyliss Pro Volare V1 dryer with Ferrari designed engine is the full size and the V2 is smaller and slightly cheaper. They come in black and red, but if you want the full Ferrari experience, I would go for the red.

Another advantage is the weight. The Volare V1 weighs in at 1.16 lbs and the Volare V2 comes in at 1.12 lbs. So, the Volare V2 is slightly lighter than the V1, but both are very lightweight and can be taken everywhere with no worries.

They also feature a Nano Titanium-infused grill for superior heat and a Tri-port ionic generator to generate millions of negative ions to maximize hair shine and overall health.

However, both hair dryers don’t come with a diffuser and you have to buy it separately. Also, both hair dryers are on the expensive side, but, again, the great thing is that these blow dryers last so much longer than typical hair dryers.

So, you may be spending more money now, but it is worth it because you will not have to buy another hair dryer for a long time.

Powerful Long Lasting Motor

best babyliss nano titanium hair dryer volare V2

If you take the lint filter off, you can actually see that beautiful and powerful yellow Ferrari motor.

Featuring the world’s first ball-bearing blow dryer engine, the Volare 1 and 2 can reach an unrivaled and unprecedented level of performance.

This Ferrari motor can blow over 80 miles per hour and it dries hair extremely fast. It also guarantees 2000 hours of drying, contrary to conventional hair dryers that do not live beyond 600 hours.

This AC V12 motor provides reliability and ruggedness and was exclusively made for Babyliss Pro Volare ionic and nano titanium hair dryer    and Rapido hair dryers.

Through intense air pressure and a turbo function, Babyliss Volare hair dryers are able to trigger an acceleration of the air for very high-speed hair drying. Yet, the fan has been designed to minimize hair tangling.

The motor does have an automatic shut off in case it overheats. You just have to keep an eye on the lint filter and keep it clean all the time.

Pleasant, comfortable, and easy to handle, the Volare’s V12 motor is noticeably quiet thanks to the ball bearing-based design.

babylis pro volare ferrari

The Volare V1 and V2 & Hair Type

  • Curly hair that defies the laws of physics. A lot of women have rediscovered the joy of
    drying and styling their hair after 10 to 30 years of “I’m-done-with-hair-dryers”. Others no longer leave their hair curly or pull it up in a bun  kinky curly hair
  • Long, thick, coarse hair (smooths it dry quickly)
  • Long, thick, wavy hair that is always a pain to dry (dries it straight blindingly fast)
  • Fine hair and baby fine hair (helps create more volume)
  • Frizzy hair
  • Highlighted hair
  • Chemically-treated hair
  • African American hair
  • Dry hair: consider using a hydrating product prior to blow drying

Babyliss Pro Volare V1 Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Full Size



  • Built with a 2200 watt, powerful Ferrari motor that dries the hair quickly and evenly even on low heat (which is a plus). Yet it does not blow like a tornado
  • Air speed: 80 mph/h (standard hair dryers vary between 500 to 700 km per hour.
  • Airflow: 95m3/h
  • Intense air pressure 6.2bar for better efficiency and longer brushing hold
  • 6 heat/speed combinations allow you to adjust the heat and speed to match your hair type and the kind of hairstyling you are looking for
  • A turbo button for an instant burst of powerful air for high-speed drying
  • Cuts the drying, styling, and frustration time in half
  • Guarantees sleek blowouts and smooth, shiny, manageable, bouncy healthy-looking hair thanks to its Tri port ionic generator
  • Tames even the hardest frizz until you wash your hair again
  • Does not dry out your hair
  • Saves you the money you waste on expensive harmful Brazilian Blowouts to get your hair straight
  • Will help you get the results you get from your professional hairstylist
  • No more flat iron required
  • Manufactured in Italy – the land of great quality hair tools, and comes with a whopping 4-year warranty
  • The tremendously powerful Ferrari motor is incomparable
  • Gives great airflow and heat
  • Produces a fairly narrow stream of strong air without being abrasive
  • Features a turbo feature that offers significant air velocity (increases airflow to another 15%)
  • Features 6 temperature/speed combinations: high, low, cool
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (nozzle 1 is 70mm for making waves and nozzle 2 is 60mm for straightening)
  • Has a 9f long pliable, heavy-duty power cord with a built-in safety breaker
  • Has a professional sturdy housing
  • Is 1.16 lbs, quite well-balanced with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable for all hand sizes. This fabulous weight distribution is perfect that your arms won’t wear out
  • Very quiet (81.8 DB) compared to how powerful it is
  • Not Low EMF


  • A lot of people wonder why such a wonderful hair dryer doesn’t have a cool shot button. I don’t think Babyliss worked this hard to forget this option as all of their models have it. They put the cool air button together with the other heat buttons and it blows cool air to lock any style in place.
  • The location of the buttons seem to bother some users

Babyliss Pro Volare V2 Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Compact



  • Features a very powerful 2200 watt motor that dries the hair fast even on medium heat (without using too much heat which means less heat damage)
  • Air speed: 80 mph/h
  • Airflow: 95m3/h
  • Intense air pressure 6.4bar for better efficiency and longer brushing hold
  • A turbo button for an instant burst of powerful air for high-speed drying
  • 6 heat/speed combinations
  • No more frizz, frizz control products, fly-aways, tangles, or flat iron touch-ups
  • Its negative ion generator helps close the cuticle layer and guarantees less moisture loss and more shiny, silky, soft results
  • Helps you get salon-style blowouts every time you feel like it
  • Is manufactured in Italy and comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Perfect for home and travel (this is the strongest travel-size blow dryer)
  • Easy to maneuver, ultra-compact (0.54f outlet to filter)
  • Great concentrated powerful airstream
  • Noticeably dog-approved quiet for how powerful it is (has more of a whoosh sound than typical shrill)
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments (one 70mm for making waves and one 60mm for straightening)
  • Has a 9f round, tangle-free heavy-duty long cord that facilitates electrical connection
  • Well-made and feels light in the hand
  • The back screen is easy to clean
  • Shipped in a fancy box and the unit inside has a beautiful red color


  • As with the V1 above, the V2 does not have a separate cool shot button. Instead, there’s a cool ‘turbo shot’ where a ‘cool shot’ is located
  • Some users complain it’s a bit heavy. Professional models are not as light as cheapo plastic ones


The ultra-fine filter captures any dust particles and improves the durability of the engine.

You can remove and clean the filter on the V1 and the V2 and clean the dust and hairs. You can grab a Clorox wipe and just wipe on the inside and the outside of it.


With two global industry leaders working together, the Babyliss Pro Volare V1 and V2 hair dryers are without any doubt the world champion of professional hair dryers.

If you’re looking for something that’s really high-powered that’s really going to give you some hold and almost look as good as your hair dresser’s.

In short,

  • Luxury, powerful and high-performance dryer that does not damage your hair
  • Equipped with an ultra-fast and efficient turbo engine
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for BaBylissPro in collaboration with Ferrari
  • State-of-the-art features
  • Maximum airflow, minimum weight, and low vibrations
  • Extreme turbo boost to immediately increases the airflow by up to 15%
  • Nano Titanium grill
  • Ionic tri-port for smooth & shiny hair
  • Perfectly balanced ergonomic design for intensive use. The handle has been specially designed by experts to fit the palm of the hand and relieve muscle tension in the forearm, providing better control and reducing tension
  • Ultra-fine nozzles attachments provide optimal concentration of the airflow (6mm x 60mm straight/ 6mm x 70mm beveled)
  • 110V or 220V
  • 110V (16A) and 220V (10A)
  • Made in Italy

All in all, the final result you’re going to get with the Babyliss Pro Volare V1 or V2 is absolutely stunning. What we have is a hair dryer that ensures a good level of airflow throughout the hair and ultra-fast drying speed.

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