Vidal Sassoon 1875 Ionic Hair Dryer


vidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews Ions dry and condition hair fast
Adds volume and shine while reducing “frizz”
Removable end cap for easy cleaning
Protective anti-skid bumpers
Airflow concentrator attachment
Cold Shot sets the style
Volumizing finger diffuser attachment that dries hair gently
3 heat/ 2 speed settings
Hanger loop for convenient storage


Vidal Sassoon 1875 Ionic Hair Dryer

vidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews

Product Description

Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer’s Ionic Technology

Negative ions reduce the size of the water droplets, increasing the absorption into the hair follicle to add volume and shine while reducing “frizz”. When droplets are smaller, more water is absorbed into the hair, resulting in the hair that is dried more quickly. This
also adds more moisture to the hair follicle for a conditioning and smoothing effect. More light is reflected off a smoother surface, making the hair look shinier.

Salon Styling at Home® for more than 30 years, the name Vidal Sassoon has been synonymous with state-of-the-art salon styles.  Each Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer in the extensive line of professional styling tools-like this powerful 1875- watt full-size ionic® dryer – is especially designed for creating today’s salon styles at home.

vidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews ionicFor VS Sassoon, hair and fashion are inextricably linked, signs of the times, reflecting the prevailing zeitgeist. VS Sassoon maintains its position at the vanguard of fashion continuing to redefine the boundaries of hair creativity with inspiration from every aspect of international art, design and fashion to transform the world of hair.

Whether long or cropped, curly or straight, hair is a potent force and profound influence on our lives and with 50 years of revolutionary looks and iconic cuts, VS Sassoon has had the greatest influence on the world of hair.


Useful Tips To Consider

To create a smooth straight look, first divide the hair into sections.
Attach the ultra-slim concentrator nozzle. Next, using a brush, hold the hair taut and roll the ends slightly under as you dry.

Wavesvidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews
To create tousled natural-looking waves position head upside down.
Using the dryer without the nozzle grasp hair at the roots and scrunch between fingertips whilst drying. When dry, arrange your hair as required for a casual, tousled look.

Use the diffuser on the lowest speed setting and lowest heat setting to enhance your natural curls: it literally diffuses and softens the airflow, which helps to form, not frizz, your curls. Cup the weight of your hair into the bowl of the diffuser and cup the hair at the edges of the diffuser with your free hand to prevent it blowing around.

Expert tip

Let the hair cool in the desired position to set the style. Spray with a light hold hair spray, for extra hold if needed before you shape and position it with your hands.

vidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviewsvidal sassoon hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews

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Vidal Sassoon 1875 Ionic Hair Dryer