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Are you looking for the best travel hair dryer? I bet you are. So this article is for you. When we head out on a journey it is important to minimize our luggage. Accordingly, there are a bunch of hair styling tools, like travel hair dryers, that are made just for this.

Here are some of the best travel hair dryers to consider.
Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer is perfect for those planning to tuck their hair dryer in their luggage. Although it is small and compact, this hair dryer can very well do the job for all types of hair. This travel model by Babyliss is capable of delivering great quantity of airflow even if its outlet is a bit tight compared to conventional hair dryers.

To allow for more space in your luggage, this hair dryer can bend flat on itself thanks to its folding handle. Moreover, it’s perfect for those of you who travel through many countries as its Dual Voltage option allows for worldwide usage. So you shouldn’t worry about over heating or voltage. It’s price does not reach 30$, which is very affordable for a model featuring the precious tourmaline technology.

Collection of the best travel hair dryers

Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer, Red
Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer 2000 Watts

Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Tourmaline/Titanium technology for frizz free drying
Folding handle
Dual voltage
1000 watts

Enjoy professional class hair drying
Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat
Negative Ions eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair
Removable filter cover with stand
Limited 1 year warranty


T3 Featherweight Journey Travel Hair Dryer is one of the best travel hair dryers. The first time the T3 Company manufactured a hair dryer you can travel with. You don’t have to worry about being in a hotel room and using those blow dryers attached to the walls whose cord is so short that doesn’t reach your hair. Hotel wall dryers are known to be less powerful and lack the new technologies that make the difference.

You kind of get everything you get in the T3 Evolution hair dryer right in the T3 Travel Journey Hair Dryer. There’s a little switch in the back of the dryer to change the power from 250 to 125 voltage. What’s more, it’s compact and has a folding handle. You can get the same results you would from other hair dryers.


T3 Featherweight Journey Travel Hair Dryer
Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer 2000 Watts

T3 hair dryer, best hair dryer reviews8 1200 watts with Tourmaline SoftAire™
Folding handle and world voltage for easy traveling
Contains Tourmaline gemstones to impart optimal levels of negative energy
Infra red heat for smooth, silky, and damage-free hair
Remarkably faster drying  in a compact size
Seals the cuticle for enhanced shine and moisture
2 speed/heat settings
Eliminates static which smooths frizz and flyaways
World Voltage (plug adapter may be necessary outside the U.S.)


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