By Anna Wiznik

frizzy curly hair

Getting frizzy curly hair cleaned can be a challenge — at least for me. My hair is very thick and takes a lot of product I am using. For many years I washed and conditioned my hair everyday, because it only seemed to look good just after it dried — which took hours. Since I used tons of shampoo, I used only the cheapest brands. I thought that  shampoo didn’t matter as long as I used the right conditioner.

What I now know — You should NEVER shampoo frizzy curly hair everday. Shampooing strips the hair of the oils that curly hair needs to stay curly and be able to resist the frizzies.

Recently, I’ve learned that the large majority of shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips the hair of products to get it clean. It also strips the hair of oils that hair needs to be healthy. For frizzy curly hair, that means that when the hair dries, it’s really, really dry … and frizzy. To counteract the dryness, I used lots of conditioner, and I would leave a bit in my hair after the final rinse.

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What I now know — I could have been using that conditioner to wash my hair, too! This is called “co-washing” and cleans frizzy curly hair surprisingly well, without stripping it of much needed oils.

One thing I did do right back then was to detangle my hair while it was wet and creamy with conditioner, using a very wide tooth comb, preferably in the shower with the water running. I still do this today. This is the only time I put a comb through my hair, and I try to arrange my hair at the same time, so that I can let it dry without touching it again. I live in Florida now, so going out with my hair dripping wet is no big deal.

These days, I am experimenting with different gels that I comb through my hair after the conditioner, while I am still in the shower to give my curls and little more hold and frizz resistance.  More about those, later.

I hope this helps my frizzy curly hair sisters and brothers.  Feel free to leave a comment if you found this helpful, or ask questions.