Professional salon hair dryers aren’t as expensive as you would think.  Prices have dropped drastically in recent years as more and more people demanded the same quality at home as they were getting at the salon.

It used to be that a salon hair dryer was something you only saw at the hairdressers, and they were huge!  As the years have gone by and technology has advanced, salon hair dryers became smaller and smaller, and cheaper and cheaper.  At one time you would sit in a chair, the hairdresser would lower the dryer over your head and you would sit there for 30-60 minutes looking like a character from the 1980′s movie Space Balls.

Today females spend hours and hours every month (if not every week), trying to get their hair looking healthy and perfect.  Their prized possession?  A professional salon hair dryer!  It wasn’t very many years ago when women would talk about how upsetting it was that they would get the most amazing hair styling at the salon but could never get the same results at home.  The big difference?  The hair dryer.

I know it doesn’t sound like it should make much of a difference but the old hair dryers we used at home used metal coils that would heat up to an insane temperature so the fan could blow enough hot air to dry your hair.  The problem was that the dryer created uneven temperature so sections of your hair wouldn’t dry the same as other parts. 

The old dryers also used to heat your hair so much that it literally baked the water off of your hair and scalp, creating dry, frizzy, unhealthy looking hair.  Today’s dryers use state of the art technology, creating perfect heat for your hair.  Using negatively charged ions (old dryers used positive ions), today’s salon hair dryer locks moisture into your hair so it looks fuller and healthier.
Today’s salon hair dryers come in a few different types; ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, and nano-silver.  For more information on the differences, read the Best Hair Dryer article.