Best Shampoo for Colored Hair – No More Fading


Want your money along with your recently done, beautiful hair color to wash down the drain? Well, obviously not! It would make no sense to spend your hard-earned dollars on coloring your hair, only to use hair care products that will cause the color to fade later on. Yet, several women fail to prevent color fading. If you too are facing this problem, you will find this article particularly useful, as it will highlight some important concerns women have after getting color treatment.

It’s so different when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience. It’s fun – I love changing up my hair. Kate Bosworth

Do You Need Special Shampoo for Colored Hair?

When you color your hair, there are two main concerns that need to be addressed: battling damage and maintaining the color. Several shampoos are specifically formulated with these two objectives in mind. However, these special shampoos are neither the remedy nor the only option you have available. Let’s face it, hair color does cause damage. The best shampoo for colored hair is milder in comparison to other formulas and includes moisturizing conditioners, which will help you with damage control.

They also prove to be useful in reducing the rate of fading. While chemical treatments, sun exposure, and chlorine are all common reasons for hair fading, shampooing too is a part of this list. Surprised? Don’t be, as water alone can bring you the similar results! So, this does lead to the question: “Why are traditional shampoos bad for colored hair”?

Well, that’s because most traditional shampoos contain an ingredient called sulfate, which causes the hair to swell from the cuticle layers. As a result, your beautiful and, not to mention costly, hair color leaches out quite easily and quickly. So, does this mean sulfate-free shampoos are the right way to go? Yes, however, there is a little extra legwork you might have to do as well.  These shampoos aren’t always the best cleaners and quite clearly, you cannot rinse your hair and repeat after every little while.

That’s why you need to use a good quality daily conditioner along with a sulfate-free shampoo. Pair this with deep conditioning (preferably once a week), and you are good to go!

Best Shampoo for Colored Hair – Organic Shampoos

Obviously, every woman wants the best formulas to keep their colored hair vibrant, rich, gentle, and not to mention free from any sort of damage. However, with traditional shampoos containing harsh ingredients and additives, how can you provide your colored hair the best possible care? That’s exactly where organic shampoos come in and provide your hair the optimum care you are looking for. Nevertheless, remember that some organic shampoos do contain sulfates, so make sure you read the label before you go ahead and buy one.

So, which is the best organic shampoo for your colored hair?  Well, there are a quite a few names you will get to hear from a lot of people, but we advise that you go for the ones backed by the experts. highly recommends the use of BIOLAGE by Matrix: Color Care Shampoo. It’s a low pH formula that contains Sunflower, Citrus and Soy protein, which will provide your hair color enhanced preservation and protection. The UV Filter Complex will help to keep the depth, tone, and shine of your colored hair intact.

Is Organic Shampoo Good for Colored Hair?

Organic shampoos are likely to feel different upon use, as opposed to those shampoos you have grown accustomed to. You can expect organic shampoos to bring a more slippery sort of feel, a bit like conditioners. Because of the less foaming action involved, you might have to make use of your fingers to scrub or massage the shampoo thoroughly on your scalp. Avoid using your fingernails and make sure the shampoo has been worked all over your colored hair.

Getting used to an organic shampoo usually takes time, but trying it only once due to that particular reason may bring you disappointing results, such as fly-away ends or dry hair. Therefore, it’s important that you give yourself some time to get used to your organic shampoo, and once you do, the results you will see will be quite amazing.

Your colored hair will be able to generate its own natural oils, due to which your colored hair will become quite manageable as well as shiny. It’s even possible that after you get accustomed to your organic shampoo, you will be able to get great results even though you are using less of it. Now isn’t that some pretty impressive stuff right there?

Do you know the treatments provided by these shampoos offer a lot more per ounce? That’s because they contain less thinners and are more concentrated as compared to other shampoos. So, even though they might be a bit more expensive, breaking down the amount you use can work out to be more affordable without being less effective.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Colored Hair

Over the last few years, sulfate-free shampoos have gained immense popularity amongst women. That’s mainly due to the fact that many shampoos contain the ingredient sulfate (SLS), which has the tendency to fade and damage colored hair.

However, with so many of these products hitting the markets, it can prove to be quite difficult to separate the best from the rest. So, if you are deciding to go sulfate-free, do not fall for the witty salespeople in supermarkets and stores.  Instead, do your own research, the internet being the best resource, and find the ones that will bring positive results. It might cost you a little time and effort but, it would be worth the optimal care your colored hair would receive as a result. 

Sulfate-shampoos can even be homemade, but it takes a lot of time and practice to get it right. Anyhow, here are 2 sulfate-free shampoos we recommend for you. Both products are known for their amazing results, which is why it was difficult to overlook either.

1. Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

Infused with natural cleansers and seaweed extract, Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo will wipe away impurities and restore the optimal moisture levels of your hair, leaving it looking healthy, shiny, smooth and full of life. The product comes with sulfate-free technology, so it’s more than safe to use on your colored hair.

2. Sage Shampoo for Heavy Dandruff

The most common hair related problem most women face is dandruff, which is why we decided to make room for Sage Shampoo for Heavy Dandruff, an excellent Dermatitis fighter. This tea tree shampoo consists entirely of natural ingredients and is free from fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, and parabens.  So, if you are facing dandruff problems, this particular shampoo is the remedy you are looking for. And did we mention it’s safe to use on colored hair too?

Is Sulfate Free Shampoo Good for Colored Hair?

You might have noticed that after your transition to colored hair, your traditional shampoo doesn’t give you similar results. No matter how much oil or conditioner you slather on, your hair continues to be unmanageable, dry and frizzy. And not to mention the annoying split ends, which you just want to cut off right away!

If you are facing these problems, then your sulfate shampoo is to be blamed. Even top stylists like Anthony Dickey and Lorraine Massey recommend shampoos that are low or free from sulfate for women. This surely raises the question, “What’s the deal with sulfate”? You even might be thinking that “It’s been in shampoos for decades, so it can’t be that bad.” Well, guess what, it is. Though it isn’t a carcinogen, sulfate is a common ingredient in several household items, such as toothpaste, detergent, soap, and so on.

Finding it hard to believe? Pick up a bag of laundry detergent or dishwashing soap and go through the ingredients on the label. You will be surprised! Now, ask yourself, would you wash your beautiful, colored hair with an ingredient found in detergents and dish soaps? The answer to this would always be an obvious no, as it will be extremely damaging for your colored hair. So, will sulfate-free shampoos make a difference?  Well, if you have colored hair, you will simply love these shampoos.

That’s because they are a lot milder as opposed to other shampoos, due to which the rich color of your hair remains intact. Sulfate will cause color fading, so you are better off not using them. Instead, get a good quality sulfate-free shampoo, and observe how it prolongs the life of your colored hair significantly. Yet as beneficial as these shampoos may be, they come with an expensive heavy price tag. However, the special ingredients and results that sulfate-free shampoos provide make it worth the price.

Tips to Protect Your Colored Hair

Now, that we are on the same page about the different shampoos available for colored hair as well as their effectivity, here are four helpful tips for their protection:

1. Avoid Products that Contain:

You should avoid using products containing ammonia, sodium lauryl sulfates and parabens. They not only have a deep impact on your colored hair, but also affect the scalp and skin. It is also believed that these products with these ingredients can lead to cancer. Therefore, it’s best that you stay away from such products!

2. PH Level should be 4.5 to 5.5

Always choose shampoos with a PH level in the range 4.5 to 5.5, as it is an extremely important factor for the longevity of your hair color. Besides, human hair has a PH level of 4.5 to 5.5, so you will require a shampoo that would complement the texture and condition of your hair.

3. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos

As discussed earlier, presence of sulfate in your shampoo will lead to color fading. So, for long-lasting color, you need to get sulfate-free shampoos. However, make sure that they are of good quality. Why not consider the ones we have mentioned above?

4. Use Shampoos Enriched with Moisture and Protein Elements

Two vital ingredients that should be in your shampoo are protein and moisture elements. Though they are the building blocks of healthy hair, the scenario is no different when it comes to colored hair. So, always check the label of the shampoo to ensure it’s got exactly what you need. It is better to be a bit careful than compromise the health of your hair.

3 Easy Tricks to Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading

Tips to Maintain Healthy Colored Hair

So, now you that you know how to protect your colored hair, here are three tips to help you maintain it as healthily as possible:

1. Avoid Using Chemical Products

Sprays, gels, hair creams and several other chemical products already cause hair damage. However, they are even more harmful for colored hair. So, avoid using these chemical products if you want to maintain your healthy, shiny and smooth colored hair.

2. Avoid Over-Exposure to Pollution and Sunlight

Both pollution and sunlight can cause the color of your hair to fade. So, if you are going to have a long day outdoors, always carry a hat or umbrella along with you.  

3. Use Appropriate Conditioners

Quite clearly, your hair cannot nourish itself on its own, which is why proper conditioning of it is necessary. Nevertheless, make sure the conditioner you choose will complement the shampoo you are using. After all, there is no point in avoiding sulfate-free shampoos if you use a conditioner that contains it.

Undoubtedly, women want to preserve and protect the color of their hair in order to look attractive and beautiful. It may sound difficult to do, but all you really need is appropriate shampoo for your colored hair. Finding the right one can prove to be a daunting task, courtesy of the hundreds of products available in the market, claiming to be the best.

However, hopefully you will find the information discussed above more than adequate as it covers all the important concerns women have post-color treatment. So, keep these guidelines in mind and you will be able to find the best shampoo for your colored hair, which will make your hair shinier and healthier, with a vibrancy that lasts for long periods of time!

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