chi curling irons

Some of the most popular heat styling tools are Chi curling irons. Although Chi is famous for its salon quality flat irons, their curling irons are wildly popular as well. These curling irons have lots of fantastic features that you just won’t find with other brands. For example, you get the Ceramic Technology with Far Infrared heat. This means your iron will heat up very fast and will not damage your hair the way other irons can. Ceramic helps lock in moisture and can leave your hair smoother and shinier than before you styled it.

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The Chi irons come in several barrel sizes. The mini barrel is one-half inch in diameter and is ideal if you like super tight spiral curls. The small barrel measures three-fourths of one inch and is also good for smaller curls. The Regular one inch size can be used to create a variety of styles. By curling larger portions of hair you get looser waves, while smaller portions will be tighter. The Big one and one-half inch barrels are for styling your hair into big waves or adding volume to straighter styles. You can even use more than one barrel size iron at a time to create a natural textured look that features various sizes of curls and waves rather than curls or waves that are all the same size.

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Before using any kind of curling iron you should take precautions to protect your hair from heat damage. In order for the ceramic iron to do the best job possible it is necessary to apply a heat protectant to the hair. Chi actually makes a product called Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. To give your hair even more protection, prepare it ahead of time by washing with a shampoo and conditioner such as Chi Infra shampoo or conditioner. If you’re not one to spend $15 on a bottle of shampoo, check out Thermasilk which is also a heat protecting hair care line sold for about half the price of comparable Chi hair care products.

Chi curling irons aren’t on the cheap side, but the price is worth it because these irons are truly salon quality. You can sometimes find them for a bargain when shopping online. Ebay has both new and pre-owned Chi irons that you may want to look at. There are also a wide variety of online boutiques that offer this brand. By comparing the prices from several different stores you can find the iron you want at the best possible value.