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Nothing could be easier than choosing the best blow dryer? A big mistake!! Apart from the general criteria such as weight, air flow, power, and accessories, a number of other different factors such as your hair type and the new technologies need to be examined before saying “this is my next hair companion”. Your blow dryer will certainly be your beauty ally, and maybe that of the whole family, for everyday life and for many years to come. There is a plethora of brands and models on the market today. Therefore make sure you read our blow dryer reviews to make the right choice from the start.

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Fisrt off: my hair dryer should

  • Dry my hair fast even if it is adjusted to medium heat and speed. This allows to evenly dry hair without burning it.
  • Respect my hair. Ceramic hair dryers deliver infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out without burning it.
  • Be manageable. If your potential hair dryer is heavy, blow drying would then become really backbreaking.
  • Come with enough attachments. Classic attachments dry your lengths quickly by lifting the hair in every sense. Thin attachments direct the air flow and facilitate blow drying. The diffuser attachments preserve the curls or lift the root area to add volume to your hair.
  • Be one of the top rated. Women who can’t live without a blow dryer often try countless models till they land on a hair dryer they find trustworthy. Since they invest their money on a hair dryer and rated 5 stars, that means it’s a safe model to buy. Here are some top rated hair dryers.

top rated hair dryers

  • Be quiet. A lot of women just neglect this decisive factor and buy a hair dryer without checking or asking about their DB level, but with frequent use they regret not having bought a quieter model. Check these quiet blow dryers.

best quiet hair dryer

Which features

  • Power: 2000 watts – recommended if you’re looking for a blow dryer that heats well with a sufficient airflow to dry your hair fast.
  • Powerful and resistant motor. To be able to keep using your dryer for many years to come, opt for hair dryers with professional Ac Motors.
  • Enough heat and speed settings. Heat – low for fine or damaged hair, medium for normal hair, and high if you’re late for work.
  • Airflow: High for thick hair, medium for fine hair or if you do not want to mess up your hair. Check these hair dryers for fine hair.


  • Cool shot button to set the style in place after drying.
  • Ionic technology to neutralize static and frizz. Negatively-charged ions prevent the evaporation of water molecules to keep hair well hydrated.

What to monitor


  • The temperature of the hair dryer: If it’s hot, it means its resistance is depleted and thus might overheat or even damage the hair.
  • Unpleasant odors: If it gives off burning smell, it becomes unsafe to use as the plastic coating has corroded.
  • The air filter prevents hair from getting to the engine. We should beware of air filters with large holes as long hairs can infiltrate easily.


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I found this infographic from the and found it to be very useful to you

how to choose the best hair dryer

The best hair dryer: How to meticulously choose one in 5 Easy Steps

1. Handling

Drying, hairstyling and more will require you hold your hair dryer at arm’s length for a certain length of time. This means that your blow dryer should absolutely be easy to handle and as lightweight as possible; should this not be the case, it is likely that you’ll hastily dry your hair and end up with messy half-done drying.

2. Speed and heat settings

The success of your hairstyles greatly depends on these two criteria. To choose the right speed and heat you should take into account your hair type (thick, fine, curly, frizzy, straight …) and the frequency of use. Have a look at these hair dryers for frizzy hair.

green background 2

The power of the best blow dryers ranges from 1300 to 2200 watts. Please note that it’s not advisable to rush towards the most powerful models: if it’s for everyday use, you should be careful as unnecessarily powerful dryers might damage your hair or even irritate your scalp.

Look for some balance in terms of speed

Medium speed will protect your hair but makes the drying time a bit longer. However, you should avoid setting your hair dryer to a very low speed as this will make the operation endless and you’ll surely end up with unfinished messy drying. Varying speed settings allows you to opt for the one that mostly suits the kind of operation you desire.

Vary the heat settings to protect your hair

As is generally known, when used repeatedly, hair dryers can quickly damage your hair. For this very reason a temperature regulator reduces their harm to the minimum. Hot air is used to dry and create hairstyles, whereas cool air is used to lock the style into place. This function is also very beneficial for static hair.

3. Accessories

The main accessories are the attachments and it’s of paramount importance that your hair dryer has at least two of them:

3.1. A concentrator nozzle for hairstyling. Its diameter is determined by the type and length of your hair; a large concentrator nozzle is best for long and thick hair, whereas a tight nozzle is convenient for precision work at the level of the hair strands as well for short, shoulder-length or fine hair.

3.2. A diffuser attachment diffuses the heat and is perfect for damaged, curly or frizzy hair. Check these hair dryers for curly hair.

best hair dryer for curly hair


If you hesitate between two models, examine the rear filter: a filter with narrow holes ensures a better collection of dust and other various particles during the drying process. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference: anti-slip grip, location of heat and speed settings, length of the power cord …

4. New technologies

For some time now, we have heard a lot about ionic blow dryers without really knowing what that really means.

The Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers offer a better protection against static electricity triggered by positive ions; this electricity is released once high temperature is blown on wet hair. Hair is non-conductive which means it doesn’t allow electrons to travel across it, and consequently positive ions are trapped in.

Ionic hair dryers generate negatively charged ions in the form of water droplets. Negatively-charged ions neutralize static electricity and transfer all of their shine to your hair. Moreover, drying becomes faster and thus less traumatic for the hair. And faster drying means less power consumption. Check these best Ionic hair dryers

ionic hair dryer reviews

Opt for ionic ceramic and tourmaline

For optimum quality, consider having a hair dryer featuring the ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technologies. Ceramic traps the heat and diffuses it in a perfectly homogenous way. Accordingly, it eliminates every possible risk of overheating. The tourmaline technology, in turn, maximizes the negative ion output and closes the cuticle layer, creating smooth hair.

5. Professional blow dryers

The technologies mentioned above are present in professional blow dryers. Yet, they are no longer the hairdressers’ little secret since people can have access to them in stores or specialized websites.

Why opt for a professional hair dryer over a large retail one abundantly available in supermarkets?

The answer is simple; professional hair dryers are more powerful, more robust and have a longer life than classic ones.

Professional hair dryers are equipped with an AC (Alternating Current) Motor, which is long lasting and more resistant, whereas conventional ones are equipped with a DC (Direct Current ) Motor, which, due to the high RPMs, tend not to last as long.

It must be said that DC Motors are manufactured in China and AC Motors in Italy, which says it all in terms of quality. Therefore they cannot be compared knowing that a 1600 Watt AC is equivalent to a 2000 Watt DC. Check out these professional hair dryers
best professional hair dryer



Cordless Hair Dryers

Campers, hikers and girls often on the move keep asking me if there are any cordless hair dryers. The answer is. Hair dryer manufacturers have made some cordless models to satisfy the needs of such women. These hair dryers are battery-operated and can help those who can’t leave their hair air-dry. Here are some best cordless hair dryers. 

cordless hair dryer

Low EMF Hair Dryers

Did you know that there are low EMF hair dryers? I bet you don’t. All home appliances emits EMF that is dangerous the human health, and guss which appliace is closest to your head: your blow dryer. Check these best Low EMF hair dryers. 

low emf hair dryers

Sit Under Hair Dryers

Unless you’re not from this planet you will not remember those bucket-like gizmos that our moms go to salons to sit under. Now, a lot of women have discovered how great and less damaging they are for hair. They ensure a great distribution of heat onto the hair, and this makes the drying process faster. Check this collection of best sit under hair dryers.

best sit under hair dryer

Allure, InStyle, Redbook, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Self Magazine contributed with crucial insight from experts in the beauty field; we also browsed countless hair-based websites for user and expert reviews to provide you with some juicy content and easy to use reviews. Finally, we harvested,,, and other consumer-review sites to find real owners’ favorite models.

The good news is you did well check out our best blow dryer reviews and models along with their features and reviews.

Collection of ten best blow dryer reviews

Babylis Pro babtt5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer


Babylis Pro babtt5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

It uses far-infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out

Works great with

  • Fine and baby fine hair

Also good for

  • Thick coarse, thin, long, wavy and “cowlick-y”, curly, curly-kinky hair

The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium

  • Features a 1900 watts powerful Extended life Ac Motor
  • Maximizes volume
  • Features the ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technologies
  • Has a beautiful 6 heat and speed combination
  • Is well balanced making drying the back of the hair less tiresome
  • Uses far-infrared red heat
  • Has powerful airflow
  • light weight, quiet
  • Features a non-slip grippy finish, a cold shot button, 9ft power cord, removable filter for better maintenance


  • Some reviewers complain the control buttons are where the fingers rest, but add they get used to this issue fast

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Portofino 6600

button(7)babyliss hair dryer

From Amazon: “I always wondered, but never questioned, how my stylist did such a good job with just a dryer and brush”

Works great with

  • Long thick coarse, unruly hair (dries in 8 – 12 minutes)
  • Frizzy naturally curly hair (with minor touch-up with a hair straightner)
  • African American hair / Wavy hair
  • Fine hair (style on the medium heat)
  • Colored and bleached hair / permed hair

The Babyliss Pro Portofino 6600

  • Cuts drying and straightening time remarkably
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky, shiny, healthy, damage-free, frizz-free
  • Stylish, shiny soft hair that is full of volume is now a possible combination
  • Women are surprized that it straightens hair even on low settings
  • If you learn how to dry and style your hair by yourself, you will be happy to know this dryer’s price is practically the cost of one trip to the salon
  • You can scrunch your curly hair into much better curls
  • Is one of the best blow dryers if you’re after professional blowout every time

The Portofino 6600

  • Is made in Italy, 2000 watts, 125 volts / AC 60Hz, and features an Italian AC Motor
  • Stylish, shiny soft hair that is full of volume is now a possible combination
  • Air speed of 69.5 miles/hr and airflow of 108 m3/hr
  • Hairstylists recommend it as it’s impressively performant, powerful yet gentle on the hair
  • Offers 6 possible heat and speed combinations: 3 heat settings: (cold, warm, and hot), 2 speeds (HI, LO) / A cold button you don’t have to keep pressing
  • Features an Ionic generator and a nano titanium grill
  • Its unit never gets hot
  • Is ergonomic, easy to hold and quiet even at high settings
  • Comes with three attachments: a diffuser and two concentrator nozzles (wide disperse, angled disperse)
  • Has a meteal screen that is removable to clean off the lint that suffocates the fan and the motor
  • Has a limited four year warranty
  • Has a triangle-shaped loop for easy storage, an extra long solid round cord


  • Some reviewers say it’s a bit heavy (and say they’re are used to their cheap, plastic models)
  • Others aren’t comfortable with the switches positioned on the side. (It just takes them some time to get used to a new hair dryer)

Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer

remington hair dryerremington hair dryer

SILK ceramic technology and ion generator for smooth finish

Works great with

  • Very long, thick, naturally curly hair (dries in less than 15 mns)
  • Wavy mixed texture
  • Unruly hair / thin hair

The Remington Silk Ceramic

  • Dries hair faster with no static, no poofy frizzies, no knots, no breakage, no fly-aways
  • Leaves hair full of volume, fully dried, silky, smooth, shiny, bouncy and more manageable / curls look better
  • Blow-outs last longer
  • Doesn’t get too hot

The Remington Silk Ceramic

  • Is 1875W / 125V~ 60 Hz (very powerful)
  • Features 2 fan settings with turbo speed (Hi, Lo) and 3 heat settings (low, medium, high)
  • Has nice rocker switches that operate independently
  • Features a cold blast button to finish up and lock in the style
  • Comes with concentrator and diffuser that stay on securely
  • Is sturdy, comfortable to hold, quiet and aesthetically pleasing
  • The unit does not get hot
  • Comes with a 70 inch long power
  • The back snaps off easily to clean the the filter
  • Has a 4 year warranty


  • Some reviewers say the vent sucks long hair, but others confirmed this happens due to lack of experience in hair drying
  • A bit heavier

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Elchim 2001 Professional Hair Dryer 2000 Watts

button(7)elchim 2001 professional hair dryer

Been using this dryer for past 6 years almost everyday and it never had any problems, better yet, still going strong!Gina from Amazon

(…) I purchased one about 12 years ago … Still going strong!Clarisol from Amazon

Works great with

  • Curly hairn naturally curly, curly twisted hair (to dry, style or straighten with a round brush / great for those who have lost their defined curls)
  • Frizzy, unruly hair
  • Long, thick coarse hair (dries very quickly)
  • Wavy hair
  • Fine (even lots of it), thin Hair
  • Color Treated Hair
  • Straight and flat hair (gives it more body)

The Elchim 2001

  • Literally cuts drying time in half with salon results
  • Makes hair sliky, glossy, Volumous, manageable, less thick and impeccably styled
  • Hair is no more poofy, spongy or frizzy (hair dries quickly na dbarely has time to frizz)
  • Helps blo hair straight without gels, straighteners (less heat damage) or finishers
  • Its even blast of hot air helps create styles from soft waves to spikes

The Elchim 2001

  • Guarantees professional salon looking results
  • Italian made quality and durable model (clearly built for the long haul)
  • 2000 watts / 110-125 V ~ 50/60Hz (gets very hot without drying out the hair
  • Has a superb airflow (1500 liters/minute), yet surprisingly quiet (feels very low key)
  • 7 heat/speed combinations (great for all hairstyles)
  • Is well balanced, ergonomic and easy to hold and maneuver (fits confortably even in tiny hands)
  • Comes with a flat nozzle for precise styling
  • Its housing is resistant to heat and shock (resistant polycarbonate plastic)
  • Has a 9f thick rugged round cord (far less prone to tangling)
  • Twist-off filter to clean and keep the fan speed at it speak


  • Comes without a diffuser
  • Does not have a cool shot button, but users say the cool setting is far enough

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T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Generator Hair Dryer


Read Full Review

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Ion Generator Hair Dryer

I have fine hair and have found this hair dryer to be better than any shampoo, conditioner or styling product as far as the positive effects I have seen

Great for

  • Fine, wavy hair that is hard to manage and tends to frizz / fine textured
  • It gives the hair fantastic body and leaves it shiny and bouncy
  • Thin (with split ends and fly-aways)
  • Straight hair
  • Coarse curly (brings it back to life)
  • Long, very thick, dry, naturally wavy/curly, bleached hair

The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

  • Is very powerful yet gentle
  • Is quiet and super lightweight compared to other professional models (easy on the arms)
  • Dries hair faster than many other professional hair dryers
  • Makes the hair full of body, smoother, glossier, healthier, straighter, frizz-free, easier to style
  • Dries the hair quicker without damaging or frying it
  • Takes 15 minutes max to dry and style the hair
  • Very powerful but much quieter than other professional hair dryers
  • Comes with an amazing barrel-shaped brush making the results even better
  • Features 2 speed and 3 heat settings, a long cord, cold air function, easy to hold handle
  • Removable lint filter


  • Some reviewers say the vent can be a hair sucker
  • Other reviewers say the T3 dies sooner but others confirm you have to make sure you buy from official dealers and added you should return it once you feel something is wrong

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Remington Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic


Remington Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Patent-pending ceramic pearl technology for the smoothest salon finish ever
1875 watts
Ionic conditioning Ceramic
3 heat settings/2 speeds
Bonus concentrator and diffuser included
AC motor for 40% faster drying time
3x longer motor life
Cool shot Quiet motor
Concentrator 4 year warranty

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Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer


Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer 3 temperature/2 speed settings for design creativity
Gyroscopically balanced long life lightweight motor
Cold shot button sets and keeps the style
Tourmaline for added shine, smoothness of hair, and reduction of fly-aways
Silver Nanotechnology inhibits bacterial growth
Weight balanced AC motor for extreme airflow pressure
Ceramic thermal grill offers consistent heat temperatures Low EMF
Extra long, heavy duty power (11.5 foot) cord
Includes two fiberglass concentrators for optimal drying, styling, and straightening
Far infrared heat gently dries hair from the inside out

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CHI Rocket Hair Dryer Ceramic 1800 Watt Farouk Dryer


chi hair dryer reviews 1800 Watts Quiet Speed Motor – Ergonomic design
Maximum power airflow 2 Speed Settings
Ceramic ionic technology reduces frizz and static, enhances shine
Negative Ions dry hair up to 50% faster
Far Infrared heat gently dries the hair from the inside out
Locking Cool Shot Button – Cold Shot Button
Lowest output of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)
Extremely lightweight – Comb Attachment Included

Best Chi Hair Dryer

Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer


Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer Long lasting motor with 1875W of high power
Dual functionality: with or without ionic generator
With ion: for smooth and straight
Without ion: for volume
Ionic generator seals the cuticle, locking in moisture
Compact and light weight: 1.2 lbs
6 speed/heat settings
Cool shot button
80 mph record air speed 86m3/h air flow
Includes 2 concentrators for versatile styling
2 year warranty honored if bought from authorized retailer

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Solano Turbo Ultra Lite Professional Hair Dryer


solano hair dryer reviews1700 watts Lead free Low EMF
Gyroscopically balanced with low noise Cold shot button
2 speeds and 5 temperature settings
Includes fiberglass conentrator nozzle
Ceramic grill offers consistent hot temperatures
Far infrared heat dries hair from the inside out
Super-veloce motor provides extreme airflow pressure
Polycarbonate shell adds strength against impact
Integrated filter ring is easy to remove for cleaning
Ultra light 91 lbs Extra long, heavy duty 12 cord

3 best blow dryers you don’t see very often

Parlux Professional 3800 Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer

Parlux Professional 3800 Ionic and Ceramic Hair DryerThanks to its 2100 W of power, you will be able to have your hair dried in minutes. It features 4 heat settings, two speed settings and a cold air shot button. This is not everything. It’s ionic and ceramic guaranteeing supple and shiny results. You hair is safe from damage. Moreover, it has a 9.84 long cord making your movements easier. And for those tired with their deafening hair dryers, the Parlux 3800 is quieter than most blow-dryers. It comes with two attachments: one for precision styling and the other to help dry your hair fast.

It boasts an elegant modern design, is easy to take when on the move and is long lasting sparing you bucks for long years to come.

Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic TGR4000I

Velecta Paramount Professional Ceramic Ionic TGR4000IVelecta’s most powerful model: 2000 watts, extremely powerful airflow – 80mph (130km/h). its 2 speed and 2 heat settings offer great possibility to create the style you want and protect your hair from high heat. Then the cool shot button is there to lock the style into place. What’s more interesting, it’s quiet as it produces only 69 dB, which is great to use in the morning while everyone’s still in bed.

Have you seen the design of this jewel? Its ergonomic grip makes it easy to use highhandedly by right and left-handed alike. Your arms will hold it even longer as it is lightweight: 18.34 oz, 520 gram and compact: 6.29 inches (small enough to tuck inside your drawer). It comes with two rotating attachments for fast drying and maximum precision styling. Finally it has a 14-foot flexible and durable power cord.

Hair Blow Dryer Swiss Nano 9200 Superionic

Hair Blow Dryer Swiss Nano 9200 SuperionicIn bright red, Hair Blow Dryer Swiss Nano 9200 Superionic T Red demonstrates its high-level performance: powerful 2000 Watts motor, negative ion generator that assures great respect for fragile or dyed hair, 2 speed and 3 heat settings, cool shot button, 2 attachments (remain cold), 9ft cord tangle-free 360° Rotocord, and finally 100% exclusive ROTOCORD system:

It’s a genius anti-tangle system that makes this hair dryer’s cord 100% tangle free. Rotocord system looks like a small pear connecting the hair dryer to the cord. It’s made up of two parts that are pivotable against each other while keeping the power contact in safety. This way, you can easily handle the Swiss Nano in all directions and change hands without tangling the cord.

If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything IRIS APFEL - HARPER'S BAZAAR, APRIL 2013

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